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Warren Bowie and Smith Review: All You Need To Know

  • March 18, 2022

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Warren Bowie and Smith Review

Warren Bowie and Smith is a brokerage platform where both beginner and professional level traders can invest their money and achieve their goals by using its trading insights. Although it was launched in 2020 but it is an experienced broker because its management has been in the field of online trading for many years. In this Warren Bowie and Smith review, I will provide you with details about this broker from every aspect.

The head office of Warren Bowie and Smith is located in Mauritius and its registered clients are thousands in number. The platform is administered by Securcap Securities Ltd, a leading financial services provider in Asia. Although, all its features are impressive it has gained popularity mainly because of its unmatched trading features and transparency in pricing. Now, let’s move towards the detailed analysis of the platform.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Is It A Secure Broker?

While selecting a brokerage platform, the traders evaluate the features one by one but there is another aspect that is more important from the traders' point of view. If the broker is not secure and traders fear for the safety of their information and investment then they stop considering it and move towards the next available option. It means that security is the priority of every trader and realizing this point, Warren Bowie and Smith has also prioritized it. This platform is compliant with AML and KYC security policies which are considered self-mandatory by this broker.

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The advantage of AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy doubles when it is integrated along with KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. These policies are guidelines that prevent traders and the platform from being exploited by criminals. These policies enable WBS to interpret every customer individually and block the person if he/she is identified as a notorious person by any risk intelligence database.

According to the AML policy, Warren Bowie and Smith has taken the following steps which make it a completely reliable, legit, and secure platform.

  • Proper Customer Identification Process
  • Surveillance of every single transaction
  • Risk management
  • Thorough training programs
  • Internal control system
  • Record keeping (7 years)
  • Implementation of KYC
  • Duties and accountability of team members

Warren Bowie and Smith: ‘PROfit’ Trading Platform

Warren Bowie and Smith has its trading platform which it calls 'PROfit'. The platform is very innovative and it has so much in store for traders that is not available on other platforms. The platform is easily understandable which is why beginner traders also prefer it over other popular names. PROfit is highly flexible and it can serve all types of customers such as newbies, experienced, and experts. The tools and assets are placed in such a way that traders find no difficulty in finding them.

PROfit is a web-based trading platform so it doesn’t require any downloading. Web-based platforms are in high demand these days because you can trade from any place where you can get an internet connection. It is compatible with all major internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome.

It is perfectly optimized with mobile devices as well so you can continue trading when you are on the go as well. To provide a memorable trading experience, the broker has developed apps for mobile phones which guarantee smooth trades execution. Separate apps are available for Android and iOS at their respected app stores. The best thing about these apps is that they don't compromise any feature and all the tools of the web platform are incorporated into them.

The trading platform of Warren Bowie and Smith is loaded with tens of trading tools as well which make the trading process easier for traders. Some of the most prominent tools are price alert movements, trader trends, email alerts, and push notifications on every market event. Elaborative research tools such as candlestick charts are also available on this mesmerizing platform.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Instruments

As I have mentioned earlier that this platform is designed to facilitate all types of traders, which is why it is providing plenty of trading instruments. It is doing so because the priorities of every trader are not the same. Some like to take less risk and earn small but some persist to earn big and are willing to risk their whole investment. So Warren Bowie and Smith has decided to grant its clients access to all trading instruments and has left the decision on clients to decide which one suits them the most. The options include Forex currency pairs, soft and hard commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Some traders find it difficult to decide which trading instrument is best for them under the current market scenario. To help traders cope with this situation, Warren Bowie and Smith offers ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) as well. ETF is a collection of various assets that can be traded like a single stock. This option takes away the hassle of deciding which asset to buy and also saves the selling and purchasing fees.

Warren Bowie and Smith proposes CFDs (Contracts For Deposits) on all its offered trading instruments. CFD is an agreement to trade the difference of the value of an asset between its starting and closing time. The broker is providing leverage on CFDs as well which can help you multiply your investment. CFDs provided by Warren Bowie and Smith exist as a private contract between the broker and the trader.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Trading Conditions

Warren Bowie and Smith is a hundred percent transparent broker and it never hides its policies and trading conditions from its clients. The trading conditions of this broker are suitable for investors and I am going to discuss these conditions now as the aim of this review is to provide you with every detail of this brokerage platform.

Trading Hours

Warren Bowie and Smith assists its traders in selling and purchasing in various markets but it has to follow the timetable of these markets. So traders need to execute trades in a specified time only. For trading global forex markets, the platform remains available from 10 pm GMT on Sunday until 10 pm GMT on Friday. The same timing applies to the trading of FX and commodities.

CFD trading markets are distributed in three regional groups and all these three groups have different trading hours. US CFD market opens from 02:30 pm to 09:00 pm every Monday to Friday. The European and British markets allow trading between 08:00 am to 4:30 pm. Lastly, the Asian markets operate in two shifts, between 12 am to 02 am and 03 pm to 06 pm.

Rollover Fees

In case of overnight exposure, the broker charges a rollover fee which is about 0.02%. The rollover fee charged on cryptocurrencies is slightly higher as the broker charges 0.50%. Warren Bowie and Smith is providing relief to its customers as well by charging no slippage fee. It means that there are no additional charges in normal trading conditions.

Inactive Accounts

The number of total registered accounts on this platform is increasing day and night. In this situation, the inactive accounts make the platform slow as these accounts only burden the system. To tackle this problem, Warren Bowie and Smith has implemented an inactive policy. The broker charges a quarterly 500$ fine if an account remains inactive for three months. But if the account balance is less than this amount the account is blocked so that it doesn't incur further administrative charges.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Customer Support Services

No brokerage platform can establish a good reputation if its customer support services are below average. Warren Bowie and Smith has been able to retain their customers by providing robust customer support. The broker has made a sincere effort to help its clients and it has succeeded in its effort.

As soon as you will open the website (web version), a chat window will open with a welcome message from a representative of the company. You can inquire about the features through this feature. Other than this, there is a complaint/contact form as well which can be used to inquire about technical issues, deposits, and withdrawals.

The head office of Warren Bowie and Smith is located in Port Louis, Mauritius. The office can be visited at any time but it is not feasible for most of the traders to go there hence the broker has provided its contact number on its website. An official email address of the platform is also available for the same purpose.

Warren Bowie and Smith is one of the very few brokerage platforms that are available on social media platforms as well. It has provided a Whatsapp number on its website which can be used in case of inquiry as well as a complaint. The broker has a Facebook page and YouTube channel as well where they post regularly to remain in touch with their customers.

How to Get Started With Warren Bowie and Smith

Getting started with online trading here at the Warren Bowie and Smith platform has been made easy and convenient by the broker. The broker remains in contact with the clients until traders become well settled at the platform. There are four steps in starting trading and WBS guides its clients through each step.

First of all, upon reaching the platform, the broker (customer support representatives) initiates the first contact with the visitors via email, phone, or live chat window. The purpose of this contact is to provide all relevant details to the newcomers related to the platform. In other words, the traders are given an orientation by the broker.

Secondly, if the clients become satisfied, they are provided the simple registration form by filling which they become registered traders of Warren Bowie and Smith. The registration form needs to be filled with Name, Contact number, and email address.

The third step in the line is funds deposit. Funds can be transferred through three different methods- wire transfer, credit cards, and online payment apps. The initial deposit limit is only 200 US Dollars and depositing the funds, unlimited opportunities open for the traders.

In the fourth step, the traders do not need to do anything as this step is performed from the broker's end. Warren Bowie and Smith provides an e-Book and other training material to all its traders which prepare them for executing trades profitably.

After following these four steps, you would be able to start trading at your own will and can tap any market such as stock, indices, commodities, or cryptocurrency market.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Account Types

Warren Bowie and Smith is a broker which doesn't discriminate between its clients based on their first deposit. It provides all its clients access to all of its features and trading tools. It means that the trading conditions are the same for every trader who cherry-picks this broker.

Although the platform and the trading conditions are the same the number of protected positions offered by the broker differs according to the size of the initial deposit. If the initial deposit is less than 499 US Dollars, the trader receives 5 protected positions. The number rises to 8 if the initial deposit is between 500 to 999 US dollars. 10 protected positions are awarded by the broker if the deposit by the client is between 1000 to 1999 US Dollars. The maximum number of given protected positions by Warren Bowie and Smith is 15. All the traders with 2000 or more receive 15 protected positions.

Final Remarks

The purpose of writing this review was to provide you with all details about this broker and I have tried my best in doing so as I have told you about its security policies, trading platform, trading products, customer support, and deposit methods. Furthermore, the platform also provides details with all its features so that traders find no difficulty in getting started. Once you would visit the platform and start trading, you would begin to love the platform as it is convenient, modern, and loaded up to teeth with tools. My duty has ended here as I have conveyed all information and now it’s up to you to decide regarding Warren Bowie and Smith.