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4 Best Ways To Get Money Quickly

  • August 30, 2021

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Have you found yourself in a pickle financially? While you probably try to save for a rainy day, sometimes that day has a lot more rain than you anticipated. Because of that, you need to have options of how you can get money quickly and help make things better.

Get Money Quickly: Know These Four Ways

Cash Advance

If you have a credit card, a cash advance will be a very quick way to get extra cash in your hands. In simple terms, it is a loan against your credit card. You simply go to the ATM and withdraw the money. Sometimes, credit card companies also send checks that you can write yourself.

While a cash advance is an easy way to get money, it should be noted that each credit card has its own rules about how much you are allowed to withdraw. Additionally, you will likely have to pay higher interest rates and withdrawal fees for the advance.

Title Loan

A title loan is a good option if you don't have good credit. The title pawn Georgia company gives you a secured loan that uses your car's value and title as collateral. If you default on the loan, then they own the car. These loans are usually short-term and are required to be paid back within 30 to 90 days. Title loans often come with high interest rates, but you can get your money the same day, so they are good in emergencies.

Personal Loan

personal loan could be a good option if you have a few days before you need the money.  You can often apply online, and if you're already established with your bank, it can speed the process up. Remember that if you have poor credit, you will likely pay a higher interest rate.

When looking for personal loans, take a little bit of time to shop around. You might find that a different bank has a better interest rate or special promotion running. The money saved will be worth the few minutes spent shopping around.

Payday Loan

Payday loans are exactly like they sound; an advance against your paycheck. Because you are using your paycheck as collateral, your credit rating doesn't matter. You can apply online or go into a storefront to process your application.

Every payday loan company differs in its fees and terms, so it is important to read the agreement carefully. The interest rate on payday loans can be very high, so you want to make sure that you'll have the ability to pay the total amount back before you choose this option.