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3 Ways To Get Your Money After An Accident

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3 Ways To Get Your Money After An Accident

We have an interesting contributed post today on 3 ways to get your money after an accident. Please let us know your experience in the comments.


No one ever wants to be in a situation where they have to call the police and file a claim for an accident, but unfortunately it may happen at some point in your life.

The most common type of accident is in the car, and with more and more cars on the road each year, the risk is only going to increase. If you do want to know how you can claim for compensation if the worst happen- here’s what you can do.

After an accident

As soon as an accident occurs there are several things you will want to do:

Check your car

If you are able to stand after an accident the first thing you will want to do is check your car to see what damage has been done, as well as check yourself for any injuries

Talk to other drivers

Talk it any other driver who and even involved in the accident and see if they are okay. If injured call for an ambulance, then exchange your details and make sure you have their contact information. Also see if you can get contact information from any witnesses.

Take photos

The best thing you can do for yourself after an accident is to take lots of photos of the scene, a video is a great option too. Also make sure to take photos of any injuries you sustained.

How to claim

When it comes to claiming the money you deserve, you need to find a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers such as Sevey, Donahue & Talcott can help in any situation where you are hurt without it being your fault.

Make sure you get quotes from a few different lawyers and choose the one you think suits you best. When you talk to a lawyer about the case, make sure to bring every piece of evidence you have with you.

This can include pictures, witness statements, police reports, medical records and anything else you think will be useful. You need to get as much proof as you can if you are going to win the money you deserve.

How much can you claim?

The amount of money you can claim for a car accident will vary depending on what the accident is and how severe your injuries are. The best way to find out just how much you can stand to make from a car accident case is to use a claim calculator online. This should give you a pretty accurate estimate of what you can expect in compensation and will at least give you a guideline to work with throughout your case.

If you want to claim as much as you can for an accident you need to make sure that you provide as much cohesive evidence as you can for the lawyers to work with. As you receive treatment from your doctors get them to sign off on your progress and show how much work you have had to go to in order to get back to full health. With this and everything else you will surely get the compensation you deserve.

  • Marc says:

    I’d also recommend that you make sure the police report is complete and accurate. Several years ago I was in an accident where another driver ran a red light and hit me. Later on she tried to change her story to say it wasn’t her fault, but fortunately for me the police report was complete enough that she lost the case and I wasn’t held responsible for it.

  • Don’t settle for cheap lawyers if you can afford to get a good one. It is smart to get the best if you need to.

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