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Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays

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Make Extra Money for the Holidays

If you’re worried about being strapped for cash this holiday season, fret not! Tons of hobbies and side-jobs can bring in that extra money you want. Whether you just need a bit more to get your niece her favorite bike or you want to pay for a vacation, there are a few different ways to make extra money for the holidays. You may just find a side-gig that becomes your full-time love—check them out!

Try Out Retail

It may not seem the most beauteous of side-gigs, but working in retail is a wonderful way to bring in some extra money. Stores everywhere look for extra workers during this time of year, so try to find a store that says they’re hiring for the holiday season right now. If you think you can handle the crowds, apply for a job soon!

Sell Your Crafts & Gifts

If you craft, take advantage of your goods! Turning your crafting hobby into a business isn’t truly as hard as it seems, and it can bring in quite a bit of money for the holidays. A lot of people look for unique gifts to give their loved ones, and your crafts can offer just that. Whether you make handmade candles or fabulous knit scarves, there are plenty of ways to put your skills to the test!

Unload Old Items

Kill two birds with one stone with this tip! When you clean your home for the holidays, make some piles of frequently unused items, and then sell them. You can use Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, Craigslist, and more. You can sell a bundle of your things with these resources, so take advantage of it when you can.


Babysitting isn’t just for teenagers! In fact, even if you have kids of your own, you can make a quick, decent amount of money when you host a “parents’ night in.” Lots of parents want—or need, rather—a night to themselves during the holidays, whether it’s to wrap presents or go to a work party. Tell friends and neighbors that you’ll babysit all of the kids on one night. The parents can get a moment to themselves, the kids can play together, and you can make some good money!

Offer Holiday Deep Cleaning

Another thing a lot of people need help with is cleaning their homes during the holidays. Whether their home is too big or they can’t clean as well as they used to, offer your services. Even just cleaning a house each weekend leading up the holidays could save you what you need to meet your goals. You can also do this throughout the new year!

Try out some of these simple ways to bring in some extra money during the holidays. It could bring you just what you need to get through the hectic days ahead!

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