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Ways To Make Money as a Rideshare Driver

  • July 26, 2021

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Ways To Make Money as a Rideshare Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft has many benefits. Whether you’re between jobs or need a side hustle while you fulfill your dreams, you want to get as much money out of it as you can. The best ways to make money as a rideshare driver are to follow tips from the experts. Find out what experienced rideshare drivers do to make a living.

Use Both the Uber and Lyft App

Though Lyft has slightly stricter driver and vehicle guidelines, you should find out what cars are eligible for Uber and Lyft so you can attain one that meets the requirements for both. If one app is having a slow day, you can toggle to the other and pick up fares. Further, you can decide which app pays better and choose rides from the one you prefer.

Don’t Chase Surge Fares

Your app may text you when surge fares are rising in your area, but it’s not always wise to chase them unless you are already driving. Uber and Lyft tell drivers about surge pricing to encourage a rise in drivers near populous areas and increase user satisfaction. Once more drivers are in the area though, surge pricing goes back down.

Find a Place To Park

You don’t want to waste gas driving around looking for a ride. The best way to balance your mileage and the number of rides you get in a day is to find an ideal place to park. Since your house might not be in a busy part of town, you can take your car to a parking lot near the city and park while you wait.

Drive All the Time

Rideshare drivers who make the most money drive when other drivers choose not to drive. For instance, people still use Uber and Lyft in the middle of the night and on holidays, which is when most drivers don’t want to work. While it is difficult to find a car on these days, people will pay good money if you are willing to help them get from point A to B.

The best ways to make money as a rideshare driver are to focus on location. Consider those customers who aren’t participating in mainstream events. You can make a lot of money off a ride that takes someone a far distance.