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What Business Can I Do To Make Money?

  • September 19, 2018

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What Business Can I Do To Make Money?

How often have you asked:

What business can I do to make money?

There’s a lot of issues that revolve around money, and one of the main ones is how easy it is to make mistakes when it comes to handling your finances. You can fall in and out of debt so easily these days, and a lot of investments you decided to make tend to not pay off, seeing as there’s more stock lines than ever, and the market is full of widely changing inflation rates!

So you do everything you can to save money. You start a budget, you live strictly on your means and rarely treat yourself, you aim to sock away half of your wage each month into a savings account in case of a rainy day! And then you start to get quite good at these practices, and you notice how your bank account and your credit score are topping up…

When you think about, you can handle money very well. You know the ins and outs, the common mistakes, the warning signs etc., and you know how to minimize the damage of any consequences. Why not build yourself a bit of a business around it? It can even just be a side hustle at the end of the day.

Balance Your Friend’s Books

You love your friends, you support them in whatever way you can, but you constantly see them struggle with their funds and you’re tired of standing by. There seems to be a permanent frown line on your best friend’s forehead where they’ve constantly scowled at a bank statement, and now you want to do something to smooth it out. Maybe they have a low paying job, maybe they’ve got a business they’re trying to get off the ground, maybe they just party a little too hard every weekend. Whatever the problem is, their books are just waiting for you to fix!

So now’s the time for you to do both you and them a favor, and sort out their bank account in your spare time. You can do it for free a few times, or on mate’s rates at first, and slowly build up to asking for a small fee every year from them for you to continue your good work. Simple! If you feel bad about potentially abusing your friend’s trust like this, don’t worry, this is the start of a business model.

After all, you can’t run both financial lifestyles for free, especially if you’re looking to take more people on, and you deserve some compensation for elbow grease you put into avoiding their messes. You’re trying to start a business, and as your nearest and dearest, they should support you!

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Try Out Tax Preparation

It’s something millions of people struggle with every year, and it’s something we wished the government didn’t have a deadline for us to pay by. That would give us more time to work out a tax rebate at least! You could become indispensable in people’s lives, seeing as everyone of a certain working status has to contribute to national funds every year.

And on the other hand, there’s a lot of businesses out there who tend to outsource their financial laundry to trained professionals and people much more willing to fill out the forms. You could fit either of these roles!

Know your way around a tax return? Know what jargon to sift through to properly calculate what’s owed and what someone can get back on a rebate? Do you potentially have an accounting qualification under your belt? Now’s the time for you to start a tax preparation business. And with software like UltimateTax on your side, you won’t have to spend months putting your own formula and business structure together.

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Advise People on Their Budgets

You run your household on a budget, and you’ve been doing so very successfully for a few years now. You’ve been able to keep to a limit each month, and at the end of the year you’ve been able to sit back in comfort and style with nothing to worry over. You’ve managed to save a lot of money this past financial year; that New Year’s holiday will pay for itself! But not everyone out there has the luxury of being in this position, but you could help them to get there…

A budget is a hard thing to put into place, and most of the time people will claim to having no experience with one. However, you can make it your job to point out where they’ve budgeted before in their lives, and give your clients a bit of confidence to keep going with this practice. And then you can point out where they’re going wrong on their bank statements, identify their areas of financial concern, and how they can proceed within the lines with affording their lifestyle!

Do this locally at first, going from neighbor to neighbor to see who needs help with keeping their household fed, watered, and heated each month, and then expand out into a website. It’s the main way you’ll reach the world at large.

There’s a lot of competitors in this sector, so give yourself the advantage of using reviews from the customers you’ve already sourced and are unlikely to lose, and garner a good reputation from the get go.

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Ready to Start a Money Business?

There’s a lot of ideas out there on how you can start a business with little to no money, but how about starting a business that revolves around money? Of course, if you have a company, your main goal is to make money - why not simply be upfront about that?

Building a business is going to be hard work, but worth it. You’re confident with money, and you should be. That means now’s the time to share that confidence with the world. You’ve got talent that other people need - make some extra income each month!