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What Is The Average Car Accident Settlement Cost I Should Expect?

  • November 24, 2020

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Average Car Accident Settlement Cost

“Don’t learn safety by accident.” - Jerry Smith

As per a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the economic harm suffered by the motor vehicle accidents costs a hefty amount of $871 billion in a year. The report says car and truck accidents took a toll of more than 3.9 million while totally crashing more 24 million vehicles and taking away 32,999 lives.

On average, $277 billion is spent over the loss of life, decreased quality of life, financial help and other relevant expenses each year in the United States. Regarding the same, the Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx stated -

“While the economic and societal costs of crashes are staggering, today’s report clearly demonstrates that investments in safety are worth every penny used to reduce the frequency and severity of these tragic events,” - Source - PBS NewsHour

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The average settlement amount in a car accident

Car accidents are unpredictable, unwelcoming and bad enough to ruin someone forever. But what makes it worse is how you handle it and how much amount you settle for. Undoubtedly, it makes you juggle with vehicle or health insurance papers, medical bills, emotional trauma, legal proceedings, cops, and much more. But the positive point is, you can always have expert and experienced legal representation by the car accident attorneys. This move helps you cut the chaos, remain clear with your demands, and get the deserving compensation.

Coming back to the reimbursement in car accidents, filing a case in the court with the help of your car accident lawyer can help you get the total amount you paid out. But for that you would require to have an expert and experienced legal representation by car accident lawyers. Generally, it includes the cost of lost wages, the overall cost of replacing the vehicle (car), if required, physical damages, etc.


Still confused about how you can make the most compensation amount out of the car accident you suffered and survived?

Here is what you can opt for:

  1. Never run away from the accident spot. It may prove you as the defaulter while charging you with some legal proceedings. Instead, remain at that unfortunate spot until your insurers, cops, and car accident attorneys do not arrive at the location.
  2. Note down and collect proof of all the car accident details. It would include - taking pictures of the damaged vehicle, clicking your pictures for physical damages, covering the entire accident spot, gathering other vehicle’s details, jotting down the driver’s details (name, address, contact details, etc.).
  3. Try to record the witness’s testimony to make your case stronger.
  4. In case you feel you need some medical help, consult a practitioner immediately. While you do so, don’t forget to collect medical bills and prescription slips required for further proceedings.
  5. Connect with your life or vehicle insurer and report the accident immediately to get it noticed on the spot. It would help you get the insurance amount sooner.
  6. However, you may find it difficult to collect the bills while being in the middle of this mess yet make sure you get all the bills that your car accident lawyer may require to file the case in the court.
  7. Keep a detailed proof and record the injuries and physical or materialistic damages you suffered.
  8. Avoid settling on the compensation or settlement offered by the other driver without consulting with the lawyer and insurer. It may make you bear more losses.
  9. Avoid sharing the incident with others until you don’t come to a conclusion on the case. It may hinder the case proceedings.
  10. Try not to post anything about the incident on the social media channels. However, you may find it an easy and effective way to share your story with others and make them aware of such processes, but at the same time, it would put you in trouble.
  11. Associate with an experienced car accident attorney who can represent your case in the court effectively.

Conclusion: Average Car Accident Settlement Cost

It may interest you to know that a car accident is one of the major reasons behind the high death rate in the United States. The country spends a whopping amount in billions and something trillions to recover the car crash damages. Now, this is because the United States offers good car insurance or health insurance packages that prove productive for the commoners.

From the average amount of compensation to the lawyer expenses depend on the intensity of the car accident case and the kind of attorneys you are going for. It is recommended that you look into all the aspects, seek professional consultation to make a wise decision and bear lesser damages.