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What Makes Truck Driving Such a Great Career

  • January 4, 2022

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What Makes Truck Driving Such a Great Career

Some people may not view truck driving as the most appealing career move, but it has many attractive attributes that individuals in the career enjoy. When you consider how the position works, the pay, and what you will learn from working in this industry, you may reconsider the offer. These things and many more are what makes truck driving such a great career for those who choose to take it on as their profession.

There’s Always a Job To Be Done

Maybe the most appealing aspect of this contracting position is that there is job security. If you’re in a bind and need cash fast, there is always work to be done. And because it’s not an office job, you can do as many jobs as you please. It’s always great to have the availability to work overtime, as having unlimited amounts of overtime is unheard of in most professions.

Once you’ve been contracting long enough, you can even start up your own private business and drive for yourself and move things for your own clients. You’ll have to work up to that status by knowing the top rules for a great career in trucking before you can take that level of responsibility on yourself.

The Love of Servitude

Some people really love the stewardship that commercialized contracted trucking provides because apart from being on the road constantly, it really is a service job. If you have an affinity for helping people and communities thrive, trucking may be the career for you. This is a great opportunity to provide a service that continually benefits large communities. Without freight hauling, most of the economy and many communities might not have the ability to thrive in the way that they do now.

Not a Typical Schedule

Taking odd jobs means that you’re not working a nine to five position. You might sleep one night, and the next could be an all-night ride. It’s all dependent on the distance and flow of traffic when you sleep. Some jobs require that you make the trip in a day, and others allow extra time to get to your destination—it’s all in the contract for the job. So, prepare for your time to become sporadic unless you have a local contracting position, which is likely to be similar in many ways to the long-distance hauls.

Good Wages Even Starting Out

A typical truck driver who manages long-distance drives can expect to make somewhere in the ballpark of $1500 per week on average. When you’re working locally, you can expect to make roughly $28 per hour as your base pay when starting out. This is a hefty sum for someone just getting into the fleet for the first time.

Trucking isn’t an easy profession by any means, but what it has to offer are great compensation and a solid career. These are some of the important aspects that make truck driving such a great career for those who love to be on the road.