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What Not To Do If You Feel Depressed

  • September 28, 2021

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What Not To Do If You Feel Depressed

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions in the country. According to a recent government report, it now affects more than half of all people and is the most significant cause of lost economic output. In short, it’s a big deal.

Introduction: What Not To Do If You Feel Depressed

Unfortunately, we don’t always get much education about what we should and shouldn’t do if we start experiencing it. Yes, we know that depression isn’t the same as sadness. But aside from that, we don’t have much guidance. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the things you absolutely shouldn’t do if you’re going through depression

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Comparing yourself to others is a great way to feel miserable about your life. There will always be someone out there living the dream while you're stuck living a bland life. 

The way to get out of this habit is to practice gratitude every day. When your brain is in a genuine state of thankfulness, it is almost impossible to feel negative emotions, like anger, depression or jealousy. 

Don’t Self-Medicate

Self-medication can take many forms, but it is generally a bad idea. Anything that makes you “feel normal” again, is likely to also have addictive properties and land you in a rehab center

Instead, focus on activities that will naturally support your wellbeing. Diet, exercise, enough sleep and social interactions combined will reduce the likelihood of depression substantially. 

Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Depression

Feeling depressed is bad enough, but adding guilt to the mix only adds to the misery. Many people feel like they need to feel okay because of the needs of the people around them. However, this pressure can actually make the depression worse. 

If you are struggling but don’t want to alert certain people in your life, then you can always talk to a professional. Counsellors are readily available and often help by simply listening to what’s going on for you and making suggestions. 

Don’t Think About The Future

Okay, not thinking about the future is a challenge. However, the less you worry about it, the less depressed you’re likely to feel. 

Many depressed people get into bad habits, assuming that their present state of mind will continue indefinitely. However, that rarely happens. Depression tends to come in waves. Furthermore, it’s something that you can overcome with the right approach. 

Don’t Jump Into A New Relationship Immediately

Many people seek out relationships to paper over their depression. They imagine that if they can find the right person, they will feel good. 

Interestingly, initially, many people do feel good. Being around a great partner feels like going on vacation. However, eventually, the depressive episodes return because they didn’t resolve the underlying issue. 

Don’t Listen To Sad Music

Wallowing in sad music is tempting when you feel depressed. Unfortunately, it will invariably make you feel worse. Instead, try to listen to something more uplifting. The more positive you make your environment, the less likely you are to reinforce your feelings.