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What Should You Consider While Ordering Marketing Flags

  • September 28, 2020

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Ordering marketing flags?

Outdoor marketing is still quite popular, especially for passive advertisers. Most local business owners use it to attract local customers to their stores. But, if you’re new to this, only finding a reliable flag designer won’t end your responsibilities.

You should also be aware of the design elements that can make or break your outdoor marketing campaign. Scroll on!

A suitable shape

Most of the advertising flags you see around these days are either rectangular or square. It enhances visibility and makes the information noticeable from a distance. If you want to play it safe, you should choose from these two options to create maximum impact. However, if you want something different, try the triangular or other quirky shapes based on your specific purpose.

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The right size

Custom flags come in a wide range of sizes, but you have to decide on the same, depending on the marketing copy. If you have to print a lot of information, you may need a big flag. But if the message is short, you may do well with a thinner flag. The experts from this website suggest keeping it short so that viewers can read it within seconds. That’s exactly the duration of passive attention.

Don’t forget your logo

Branding is essential for all marketing campaigns, no matter the end goal. Hence, keep enough space to integrate your logo on the flags and make them noticeable too. Ask the designers to print the logo in such a way that it gets noticed only after reading the message. It will reduce the cold-pitching effect of the marketing flags. Focus more on the prominence of the message you wish to deliver to your target audience.

Choose the colors wisely

Ensure maximum contrast between the font and the background colors to make the message readable from a distance. For the font color, you should choose a shade that reflects light, and for the background, go for a subtle and more absorbing tone. Too much reflection from the background will disrupt the visibility of the message. Also, make sure you pick a palette that closely matches that of your brand. Keep it simple and avoid too many shades on the same flag.

Reduce clutter

You should pick one flag for one kind of message, instead of cluttering it with all sorts of information. You can always install multiple flags with different types of information. Further, you should make sure that there’s enough white space between the texts to enhance readability. Put only the essential information or message you wish to deliver and cut out the rest.

Focus on images

Sometimes, graphics and images play a vital role in marketing than mere text. You can think of such relevant images/graphics and symbols to convey a message to your target audience instead of using long phrases. It will both save space and attract more eyes to the content on your marketing flag.

Conclusion: Ordering Marketing Flags

While sending a message across on an advertising flag, you should make it unique, powerful, and attractive all at the same time. Careful use of colors, fonts, graphics, and symbols can create an experience that no one will be able to ignore. In the world of digital media, outdoor marketing still holds a key position that business owners can utilize to its fullest. For local businesses, this may be a cheaper option as well.