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What To Do When Your Medical Condition Keeps You From Working

  • October 11, 2021

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person squatting and talking to person in wheelchair

When you live life with a medical condition that keeps you from working a mainstream job, it can be difficult to keep your finances afloat.  Everyone knows you need money to live, and you have to work to make money.  

It can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but you still have options.  It’s important that you take a deep breath, and give yourself the chance to explore your options.  Start now by reading through a few simple tips on what to do when your medical condition keeps you from working. 

File for Disability Assistance

If you are unable to work a mainstream job due to a physical or mental illness/injury, you should be filing for disability assistance.  The government has funds in place to help keep citizens in this situation financially afloat.  

You won’t have a huge income if your disability payments are all you have to sustain your life, but taking this step will give you a steady financial foundation.  However, you should prepare yourself for a lengthy process.  

These claims almost always get denied the first time, but don’t give up after your first denial letter.  Keep going through the red tape of the system, and you will eventually receive the help you need.  

File for Workers’ Compensation

If you are unable to work due to an injury you sustained while you were on the job, you need to start the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim.  You can visit this website to understand the legal process and how an attorney will help you get the deserving compensation.  Your employer should have insurance that covers your situation, and you are owed financial support.  

The same kind of situation applied if you were injured due to medical malpractice.  There are insurance policies in place that provide compensation in these situations.  

Consider what you CAN do 

Filing for the structured payments for your condition will take a while.  You will need an income in the meantime, and here is where your creativity comes into play. 

Take the time to map out what you can still do.  Think outside of the box.  For instance, are you good at helping people feel better about themselves?  Motivational speakers make good money.  

Start your own business 

Once you’ve taken the time to consider the things you can do, use that information to start your own business.  If your disability is purely physical, your mind should never be wasted.  Use your mind as your go-to tool.  

Anyone can start their own small business, and the boundaries for making a business are wide.  You could sell arts and crafts, or develop your own scented bath salts.  Find something you are good at doing, and consider how you could twist it up into a full blown business.