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What to Know About Nationwide Testing Association Benefits of Workplace Drug Tests

  • September 20, 2021

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What to Know About Nationwide Testing Association Benefits of Workplace Drug Tests

Drug testing has become a trend in a large number of companies in various industries due to the increase in drug use in the workplace.

Introduction to the benefits of workplace drug tests

Misuse of illegal substances and alcohol among workers leads to a variety of social and medical problems, affecting both employees and employers. Substance abuse represents a threat to public safety and has a negative effect on job performance. Individuals abusing illicit substances demonstrate personality changes and physical signs, as well as unexplained absences and tardiness.

Fortunately, there are numerous organizations, such as, providing substance abuse testing programs to employers.

These are the main benefits of introducing such programs at workplaces.

Safe workplace

One of the main benefits of using the programs of the Nationwide Testing Association is creating a safe workplace for all employees. Employers are responsible for providing a safe environment for workers to work in, resulting in better satisfaction and efficiency. Unless employees feel safe in their workplace, it’s highly likely for them to feel a lack of motivation, which in turn takes a toll on the entire business.

Hence, it’s no wonder workers feel unsafe in environments where drug abuse is common. Fortunately, the testing programs of the Nationwide Testing Association or organizations of a similar kind assist employers in creating a drug-free workplace. These organizations offer a variety of tests performed on a regular basis to ensure safety in the working environment.

Improved productivity

Another benefit of using the services of the Nationwide Testing Association is experiencing an improvement in staff productivity. If the productivity levels of your workers are low, the entire business is bound to suffer. The outcome is losing plenty of revenue, which was otherwise meant to be high, provided productivity was optimal.

It’s rather obvious that drugs and alcohol make individuals less productive in all aspects of life, including work. Nevertheless, the employees abusing drugs aren’t the only ones whose productivity is comprised, as their behavior has an influence on the entire staff. It causes overall discontent in the workplace by affecting the relationships between employees.

Performance issues

Employers should be on the lookout for performance issues in their employees, which point to possible drug abuse. These problems usually include difficulties in following instructions, an inability to respond to an increase in supervision, carelessness, missed deadlines, more mistakes, fatigue, poor judgment, an inconsistency in work quality, poor decision making, sleeping on the job, etc. Click here to get familiar with the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace.

Nevertheless, a reasonable solution for this problem would be getting in touch with an organization such as the Nationwide Testing Association, which offers both random and periodic drug testing services even drug testing in Lorain, Ohio. As long as you make these examinations regular, the chances of improving productivity in your employees are indeed high.

Law compliance

Another reason why employers decide to use drug abuse testing programs is to comply with state and federal laws. Illegal substances are forbidden for use in the workplace, hence making employers responsible for their lack of sobriety.

The best way to comply with these laws is to conduct different sorts of drug abuse testing, such as pre-employment, random, periodic, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, return-to-duty tests, etc. Make sure to partner up with the right organization to ensure your employees are sober and safe at work.

Reduced turnover

Many employers choose to introduce such testing in an attempt to reduce turnover rates. It’s common for individuals who use drugs to change jobs frequently, as many as several times annually. Consequently, businesses spend unnecessary amounts of time and money on training new workers only for them to leave the job after a few months.

Businesses that require their workers to be sober by subjecting them to regular drug tests are more likely to reduce turnover. Actually, these businesses are believed to have their staff turnover rates reduced by as many as thirty percent.

Reduced absenteeism

Absenteeism is a common problem for employers whose workers abuse illegal substances. This issue is rather costly and influences the reputation of businesses, especially in some industries where punctuality is a must. Once you notice signs of absenteeism in some of your employees, you shouldn’t hesitate to introduce drug abuse testing.

There are numerous signs of poor attendance and absenteeism to be aware of, such as an increase in unauthorized absenteeism, frequent and unexplained tardiness, frequent use of sick leave, constant complaining about illnesses, common requests for time off, prolonged lunch breaks, disappearing from work without any explanation, etc.

Individuals using drugs usually show signs of constant absenteeism, like not coming to work on Mondays, paydays, the day after a holiday, etc. Such behaviors provide you with reasonable suspicion to subject some of your workers to testing if necessary.

Referral to treatment

Another potential benefit of collaborating with an organization such as the Nationwide Testing Association is to identify individuals with drug problems and refer them to treatment. These people struggle with addiction and undoubtedly need assistance to get clean. Instead of just firing the employees who have failed the drug tests, some employers encourage them to find treatment for their addiction.

There is a myriad of attitude and physical appearance signs indicating abuse of drugs in workers, which every employer should pay attention to. In terms of behavior, it’s possible for these employees to become confrontational with their colleagues, neglectful, lazy, and paranoid, disrupt the workflow, and blame others for their mistakes.

Additionally, they start avoiding their supervisors and coworkers. In the meantime, the morale of the entire staff is compromised because of wasting time covering up for the irresponsible behavior of the substance abusers.

As far as appearance is concerned, the personal looks of people using drugs soon start to deteriorate. Their eyes become bloodshot, whereas their pupils are either too large or too small. Their gait is usually unsteady, while their behavior is intoxicated.

A final note on the benefits of workplace drug tests

These programs are the best prevention of drug abuse at work.

Your staff should be safe and productive!