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What Tools and Equipment Do House Flippers Need for Success?

  • March 24, 2022

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What Tools and Equipment Do House Flippers Need for Success?

House flipping—or buying a home, renovating it, and then selling it for profit—is the basis of several popular TV shows. Television stardom may not be in your future, but you can easily get into house flipping with the right resources and start bringing in extra income. So what tools and equipment do house flippers need for success? Here, we’ll explain some of the basics you’ll need to be a successful house flipper.

Protective Gear

Even if you’re hiring someone else to do the construction work, you’ll want to keep an eye on the property. Protective gear is a necessity to make sure you can get around the property safely. Steel-toed boots, a hard hat, gloves, and eyewear are all necessities on work sites. Depending on the equipment being used, you may also need ear plugs and a face mask. And depending on the property’s lighting, you may need a flashlight, too.

Power Tools

If you’re going to be more hands on, you’ll need a collection of power tools. A cordless drill will come in handy for all types of projects. A circular saw is one of the most common construction tools for both professionals and DIYers; it’s extremely versatile. Lastly, a cordless multitool will allow you the same freedom as the cordless drill while completing a variety of projects.

Hauling Equipment

House flipping creates a lot of debris, so you’ll need equipment to haul it away. Pickup trucks are great for hauling smaller loads, but if you’re doing a big renovation, you may want to consider renting a tipper truck or prime mover. Having a large dumpster nearby will also allow you to collect large amounts of trash from your property before hauling it away.

Yard Equipment

Successful house sales start with good curb appeal, which depends on landscaping. Some houses might already have decent landscaping in place, but some yards may need a lot of work. The size of your yard project will determine the size of your equipment. If you just want to freshen up what’s already there with new planters, fresh soil, or decorative rocks, then all you’ll need is a shovel and wheelbarrow. For bigger projects such as fixing overgrowth or completely redoing a yard, you’ll need a skid steer brush-cutter and other types of heavy yard equipment, such as trenchers and sod-cutters. Some places rent out this equipment, but if you plan on doing a lot of flipping, you may want to make the investment and buy it yourself.

So what tools and equipment do house flippers need for success? A little bit of everything. Protective gear, power tools, and hauling and yard equipment are all necessities for taking a house from trash to treasure and turning a profit.