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Why Argyle Socks Make An Outfit Standout 

  • April 13, 2020

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Why Argyle Socks Make An Outfit Standout

What do the current fashion trends say about argyle patterns and socks? How can you make your look stand out in both casual and professional settings? The humble argyle pattern has long been the signature style of preppy girls and boys everywhere, but it’s become a fashion staple for almost everyone these days. Read on to see how the addition of some colorful argyle socks can elevate your outfit. 

What Is Argyle And Where Did It Come From?

The argyle pattern is a unique and colorful diamond pattern printed on fabric. Often the argyle is layered with overlapping versions that create a 3D sense of movement and texture. It originated from the tartan of “Clan Cambell of Argyll” in western Scotland. You’ll often find it used in kilts and in plaid fabrics. Scottish Highlanders have worn argyle socks since the 17th century. 

Sometime during the First World War, around 1914 - 1918, the pattern became popular in fashion in Great Britain. The Duke of Windsor commissioned golf clothing with this unique pattern for both jerseys and long socks. Its popularity among royalty and aristocrats made it become an icon of preppy fashion over time

If you love argyle patterned clothing, you’re not alone. The pattern is so popular it even has its own official day on the US calendar. One of the lesser-known holidays, January 8th is the official “argyle day.” So feel free to wear your awesome argyle socks from No Cold Feet on this day, or any day. 

Fashion Guide For Men’s Socks 

Argyle is still very fashionable for the golf course but it also makes a splash as part of a professional career outfit, a wedding party, a date night ensemble, or just about any put-together look you can imagine. The noble argyle pattern has been a representation of clan pride for over 500 years and that translates to fashion for people who care about their appearance. Adding argyle to your outfit not only provides color but texture and movement to the fabric. It can instantly elevate any outfit and makes a great pattern for dress socks. 

Here are some other fashionable sock rules for you to ponder:

According to The Guardian, patterned socks are in but novelty socks are out. They also say it’s perfectly fine to wear socks with sandals which is good news for dads and grandpas world-wide. Socks, they say, should always be pulled up. No more 80’s slouchy socks people. 

What about white socks? White socks should be reserved for athletics and yardwork. Dress socks should always be black, navy blue, or a nice argyle or another preppy pattern. Nothing looks worse than nice black pants and dress shoes with stark white socks peeking out as if you had just left the basketball court. 

A CNN fashion report cautions you to always match your socks to your pants. This makes sense because that is the closest piece of fashion to the socks besides your shoes which in a dressy situation will often be black. 

When socks are so often hidden by long pants it could be tempting to leave them as an after-thought but the best stylists will warn you not to overlook the impact socks can have on your outfit. Pay attention to the color and style of your socks and make sure they either match your other colors or stand out against dark colors to make a bold statement. Dapper men have been known to pair bright colors and bold patterns with an otherwise dark-colored or somber outfit. 

Women can wear argyle socks with pants or as knee-high socks paired with a skirt or dress for an ultra-preppy look. Just make sure the color and style of sock match your outfit and the occasion. Women are free to take more risks in fashion with colors and patterns and should take full advantage of that when picking out their socks. 

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Argyle Socks As Gifts For Fashion-Forward Friends And Family 

This classic pattern is a wonderful gift that is fitting for many situations. Socks make a great low-cost gift because everyone needs them and people rarely put much thought into buying cute socks for themselves, especially the men-folk. You have a great opportunity to show someone you care by presenting them with a fashionable pair of decorative socks. Here are some occasions for giving and types of recipients who might truly appreciate your gift of patterned socks:

Wedding Party Gifts - Buying all the men in your wedding party matching argyle socks that incorporate the thematic colors of the wedding is a fantastic gift idea. It’s simple and helps everyone match on the big day. It adds a tiny splash of color to the basic tux. This can also be a great gift for the groom, or fathers of the bride and groom. 

Father’s Day - If you don’t wrap up a pair of socks as a gift, is it even Father’s Day? Socks and ties are staples of Father’s Day gift-giving and there is no need to buck tradition now. Colorful argyle socks would make a wonderful gift they can wear to work or when taking mom on a date night. (Hint! Hint!) 

Birthday - At a loss for a gift for a person who has everything? If they care about their outfit selection then a pair of patterned socks are a great gift. It’s simple and easy on the budget as well! Socks make a great gift idea for men, women, moms, dads, grandparents, and even kids. No one will groan when they open a gift-wrapped package of socks if they are the right socks! Something bold and colorful will put a smile on their face.

Anniversary - Think socks aren’t romantic? Think again! Socks are not only a basic necessity but with the right color choice and patterns, they can be a great romantic gift idea as well. Buy just the socks or a whole outfit to dress up the man or lady in your life for a fun night out.