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Why Driving for Uber or Lyft Is the Ideal Side Hustle

  • June 22, 2022

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Why Driving for Uber or Lyft Is the Ideal Side Hustle

Do you need to supplement your income with a side hustle? Driving for Uber or Lyft could be an ideal gig for you thanks to the flexible schedule, solid pay, and ease with which you can start.

Get Started Quickly

Do you need to start earning money quickly? One of the best benefits of driving for Uber or Lyft is getting started and making cash in just a few days.

If you’ve got a new car, are older than 21, have a clean driving record, and own a smartphone, you’ve got everything you need to get started. In most cases, approval of your rideshare application takes less than a week, so you can get on the road and start earning fast.

Pro Tip: Don’t want to put miles on your current car or buy a new one just for your side gig? Rent a car for rideshare driving at an affordable rate.

Work When You Want

A side hustle is a gig you can do when you have free time, and driving for Uber or Lyft allows you to work when you want. Can you only work nights or weekends? Not a problem.

There’s no need to talk to your boss or ask to switch shifts with someone else—clocking in and out is as simple as pulling up the app on your phone. Choose your work schedule and drive for Uber or Lyft whenever you have a free hour or two.

Solid Wages and Tips

A side hustle isn’t supposed to be a primary source of income, but Uber and Lyft drivers still make solid wages and have the opportunity to earn tips. Uber and Lyft don’t garnish tips, so whatever you earn is 100 percent yours.

Earnings vary based on location and the type of car you’re driving, so be sure to consult the rideshare company’s rates in your area to learn what you might expect to make within a certain period of time.

Capitalize on Surge Pricing

One of the best ways to maximize your earning potential as a rideshare driver is to capitalize on surge pricing. Experienced rideshare drivers understand surge pricing and know how to get the most out of it to earn more without doing more work.

Surge pricing can happen for several reasons, including:

  • Traffic conditions
  • Inclement weather
  • Festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Holidays

No Commitment

Along with being able to make your schedule, neither Uber nor Lyft requires any long-term commitment from their drivers. If you only need supplemental income for a couple of weeks, you can stop once you’ve reached your goal.

Additionally, if you decide that being a rideshare driver isn’t right for you, there’s no penalty or fee for canceling.

These benefits are only a few of the incredible reasons why driving for Uber or Lyft is the ideal side hustle for many people. If you need a way to earn a few extra bucks that works around your schedule, consider driving for Uber or Lyft.