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Why You Need to Speak with an Attorney after a Workplace Injury

  • June 3, 2021

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How essential is an attorney’s service when you have endured an injury at the workplace? Unfortunately, research indicates that  7% of worker’s claims get denied, while 5% receive a full trial. The common reason for these statistics is the absence of a skilled lawyer, which is why you need an attorney after a workplace injury. Fortunately, firms such as Adviceline Injury Lawyers have the requisite experience to win your case. Please read further to learn more about why legal representation is necessary for your circumstance.

They help you negotiate a settlement 

As an injured employee receiving care after suffering an accident at the workplace, the last thing on your mind may be negotiating. Fortunately, a skilled attorney can negotiate on your behalf. Usually, negotiation settlements involve intense discussions with the employer, the insurance company in question, and other relevant stakeholders.

Although some private insurance establishments are only concerned about profits, you cannot underestimate their prowess in beating compensations down to the barest minimum. Sometimes, an injured worker may earn nothing at all, especially when there is a delay in filing claims. In other words, the faulting company will radically look for the slightest error they can find to deny the employee. By all means, avoid speaking directly to the insurance company. Let the expert take that for you while you earn your money.

They go to trial on your behalf.

A court trial is a long and arduous process that can drain you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Indeed, that is the last thing you need as you nurse your injuries. However, experienced attorneys understand the dynamics of court trials and can endure the tedious processes. Admittedly, some lawyers might want to avoid the winding activities of trials, but that would not be a problem with a committed professional. You can click here to learn more about this. 

According to, several injury cases are settled out of court as a countermeasure against time wastage. For instance, instead of a full trial, the parties in question can decide to settle on what agreements arrived at the pre-trial. That is a feasible option some legal minds will go with. However, other dynamics come to play when the employer is unwilling to pay up or the process is hampered for some other reason. 

They give your case a credible outlook

Without legal representation, it is almost impossible to be treated fairly. Furthermore, failing to speak with a lawyer can make your case appear pretentious in the eyes of the insurance company or the employer. Over the years, employees who failed to seek legal advice have had to forfeit their rightful claims and compensations. Subsequently, they had no choice but to spend a lot more from their funds to cover medical bills.

Failing to speak to an attorney can have severe repercussions on your case. Moreover, you would have denied yourself an excellent opportunity to apply the law to your advantage. Injury settlements and claims filing are no child’s play; therefore, seek the services of a skilled attorney.