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Are You Toeing The Line When Working From Home?

  • December 5, 2018

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Are You Toeing The Line When Working From Home?

Are you working from home for your business?

It's a great way to save money, but is it right for your company? Today's contributed post explores this issue, so you can decide for yourself.


Everyone loves the idea of working remotely. The freedom to be able to decide what you do and when you do it is a big deal, and when you get that freedom in starting your own business, it can be hard to ever believe you’re doing it wrong.

So many people go into working their own business from the comfort of their own home, and because it takes time to set up properly and people make mistakes, there are things that can be forgotten about.

For some people, running a business where the staff work remotely can be a great way to save money on overheads and employ a huge range of talent from all over the world. The problem is that many business owners forget to minimize the risk and then get surprised when they’re slapped with documentation that shows that they need to find a lawyer.

It’s important to know the key issues that could affect you when you work from home, because once you know them, you can learn how to avoid them happening to you. So, check out the list of issues that could affect you when working from home, and work out a way to reduce those risks.

Data Protection

It’s a big deal these days given how much of our lives are splashed online, but data protection is a big issue when you are working remotely. You can use a private VPN to access your company network, but when you’re run off your feet it can be easy to forget to renew that antivirus subscription. Without the right firewalls, your information is exposed and you could end up with your data hacked and stolen - not ideal when you work from home!

Unauthorized Use

If your kids jump onto your laptop to download a movie and they don’t have permission, there’s also the chance that they download from an illegal site. Unknowingly, of course. However, their use of your business equipment that has been issued for work use can mean that this is traced back to you and you could be disciplined heavily - and even face a fine.

Theft of Property

When you choose to work from your house, you should already have contents insurance in place. Adding the fact that you work from home to your insurance means that your physical property is going to be protected at all times. If you take your work into the world while on the road or two a cafe for a change of scenery, consider your security so that you don’t end up with workplace property stolen.

Mortgage/Landlord Issues

If you are living in a property with a tenancy, you may need to give your contract a second glance because you may not be allowed to run a business or work from your house without invalidating the landlord’s insurance. You have to check the same rules with your mortgage lender before you get going, too.

Conclusion: Working From Home

There are so many ways that you could be putting a toe over the line when you working from home, so you should make sure now that you are being as above board in your practices as possible.