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5 Excellent Modified Yoga Poses To Combat Shoulder Pain

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Today, we have a great guest post on different yoga poses to combat shoulder pain from Manmohan Singh. He's a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. For more information about him visit his website.

Yoga Poses To Combat Shoulder Pain

Suffering from recurring shoulder pain??? Cure it the natural way. Due to an injury, poor posture, bad sleeping pattern, or just because of hunching and slumping over the computer for all day long, most of us suffer from chronic shoulder pain at some point in life. Every problem comes with a solution and, so does this. Shoulder pain can be relieved with basic stretches, exercises, and therapies. However, the best, cost-effective, and natural way to get rid of shoulder pain is none other than Yoga!

Shoulder pain is generally caused when the tailbone is curled under for a long period of time, disturbing the natural ‘S’ shape of the spine. To get rid of this pain, one should focus on bringing the natural curve of the back by tilting the pelvis forward, releasing the front of the chest and allowing the shoulder blades to move freely.

With small modifications in basic yoga poses, we can naturally alleviate the pain. Modified yoga postures with slow movements, specifically focus on tight, strained shoulders to alleviate shoulder pain. Here is a list of some of the amazing yoga poses variations for shoulder pain given below. Let us take a glance.

Utthita Trikonasana or Extended Triangle Pose

Stand with feet spread shoulder-distance apart. Turn the left foot at 90-degree angle. Inhale and extend your arms sideways parallel to the floor. Exhale, bend laterally to your left. Turn your head toward the left foot and touch your left leg below the knee with the left hand. At the same time, extend your right arm toward the ceiling, keeping both arms aligned. Inhale and sweep your right arm over the head, toward the right ear. Turn your gaze toward the right palm. Exhale, take back your right arm to the original position and turn your head again toward the left foot. Repeat this for 4-5 times and then repeat on the other side.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose Variation

Lie on your stomach and turn your head to the left. Place your hands crossed over your sacrum, palms facing up. Inhale, lift your chest by using your upper muscles and sweep your left arms wide and forward. Bend the elbow and place the edge of the left hand against the forehead, head facing the front. Exhale, now lower your chest while sweeping the left arm wide, returning to the sacrum. Turn the head to the right again. Do at least 4 rounds while alternating sides.

Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose Variation

Stand on your knees. Keep the left arm overhead and let the back of the right arm rest on the sacrum. Exhale, bend forward and sweep the left arm over the back. Turn the head right and let the left side of the face rest on the mat.

Keep your buttocks higher than the hips and shift most of the body weight on the legs. Now, inhale and sweep the right arm wide and turn the head to the centre while returning to the beginning pose. Repeat on the other side. Do this for 4-5 times.

Sukhasana Parivrtti or Easy Seated Twist

Sit with straight back and crossed legs. Keep your left hand on the right knee and the right hand on the ground, behind you.  Your right hand should be externally rotated and should point away from your sacrum. Exhale, turn your torso and head to the right. Hold the posture and inhale.

Now, keep turning your shoulders to the right. Inhale, elongate your spine. With each subsequent exhalation, slump your head toward the left shoulder gently, stretching the right side of the neck. Do it for 8 deep breaths and repeat on the other side.

Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend

Sit with straight back and legs extended in front of you. Place your hands on the thighs. Exhale, bend your knees slightly and fold forward by sliding your hands towards the feet. Bring your chest toward the thigh and tuck your chin at 45-degree angle. Inhale and relax your shoulders while lifting your chest and chin slightly. Exhale, draw your torso towards the legs and tuck your chin. Repeat both processes alternatively for 4 times.

Rev up, hit your yoga mat and ease your shoulder pain by making small modifications in your asanas.

  • Jon says:

    I love this, wonderful poses. I’ve suffered from back and shoulder pain as a result of long hours of work, can’t wait to try these out in my time off.

  • Amy S Benard says:

    Yoga is essential if we want to live healthily. Yoga can heal all types of pain. It keeps us healthy if we do yoga on regular basis.

  • These are such great tips…thanks for posting them! I absolutely love yoga and I am always looking for ways to incorporate mindfulness, pranayama and asana in my day to day life.
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