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Top 3 Books That Changed My Approach To Business & Real Estate

  • September 24, 2019

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We all have books, courses, or speeches that give us pause.

They make us reflect on our current approach and whether we need to make adjustments.

For me, especially when I was getting into real estate, there were three books that really shaped my thought process and career. They are:

Each book, in its own way, gave me insight into how successful real estate agents and business owners were already doing things. It wasn't anything revolutionary, but it was what the top people do to reach their desired goals.

After all, isn't that a large part of the reason why we do what we do? To reach our life goals, financial goals, family goals, spiritual goals, and so on?

Let's take a quick look at each book.

3 Books Every Real Estate Agent Must Read

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (or MREA)

The founder of Keller Williams Realty himself, Gary Keller, gives us the framework for how to be a top real estate agent in any market.

What I love about MREA is how much it's written with the idea that it will shift the reader's views and paradigm. The book gives actionable steps where many others in the entrepreneurial space give fluff.

That's what I love about it and why we all should re-read it each year.

Want to listen to MREA on the go? Download the Audible version or the CD version and play it in your car, when you're exercising, or on Alexa.

The ONE Thing


Can you tell I was a KW agent? Here's another one by Gary Keller.

While MREA is obviously geared toward real estate, The ONE Thing is easily applicable to everyone's personal and professional lives.

The main takeaway is this question:

"What's the ONE Thing you can do this week such that by doing it everything else would be easier or unnecessary?"

What would your answer(s) be?

Profit First

Do you enjoy making money?

Of course you do. We all do.

Well, then why not keep more of it?  Am I right?

I liken what Mike Michalowicz did hear with Profit First with how Robert Kiyosaki told us to pay ourselves first in Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

It's right there, but we don't do it. Mike turns the classic Income - Expenses = Profit equation on its head -- and asks us to focus on taking our profit... first.

Add These 3 Books To Your Business Reading List

3 Books Every Real Estate Agent Must Read

Ready to dive in? I would suggest starting with MREA and working your way through this short list.

Why not make you goal to read one of these books each month for three months?

I know that your mindset about your real estate business will change. And, chances are, you will have a much better framework with which to plan for (and attain) your goals.

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