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4 Organizational Tools to Put in Your Home Office

  • July 15, 2020

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4 Organizational Tools to Put in Your Home Office

The key to an efficient and productive workday is to give yourself an organized office environment. This isn’t always easy, however, when you’re working from home. Even if you can manage distractions from kids, pets, or other factors, you still have to deal with making an office space out of a section of your home. Fortunately, there are a few tools and tricks that can help you organize any space to create a productive environment. There’s always room to improve your work-from-home game. Check out these organizational tools to put in your home office.

Label Makers and Stickers

Label makers aren’t just for overly organized people. When you work from home, it’s easy for the clutter from your desk to get lost in the clutter around the rest of your house. Make sure you can easily recognize your papers and files by labeling them. Marking folders and binders is a great way to easily find the exact note or document you need. You can also use color-coded stickers to organize your files and make them easily identifiable.

Wall Calendars

Working in a small space at home can be frustrating when you’re used to a large cubicle or full office. Maximize the space you have by utilizing your home office’s walls. You can hang a calendar to help you keep track of your appointments and meetings. Try to find whiteboards, bulletin boards, or other options that give you a place to jot down or pin notes near your calendar. This will help you keep your reminders and upcoming obligations in one easy-to-see location. Plus, a wall calendar can decorate your space, giving you a home office that’s both productive and comfortable.

Cable Organizers

Most offices have desks that let you hide power strips and cords, freeing up desk space for you to work without worrying about all the cables. At home, many of us don’t have this luxury. Between printers, chargers, dual monitors, and other equipment, it’s easy to get lost in the tangled mass of cords around your desk. Save yourself the headache by purchasing cable organizers to keep each cord tangle-free and out of sight. Not only will you be able to easily access cords when you need them, but you’ll also have more space to spread out and work.

Pencil Holders

Having a jar of pencils on your desk might seem a little old-fashioned, but it’s still one of the best organizational tools to put in your home office. Pencils, pens, and highlighters—as well as other office supplies like post-it notes and paperclips—can quickly clutter up your desk. If you keep them in your desk, they take up valuable space and can get lost or knocked over when you open and close drawers. Instead, use glass storage jars or other containers to keep the supplies on top of your desk. This will keep your office supplies in reach for when you need to jot down a note or clip something together. At the same time, these jars take up minimal space, so they’re not in the way of your everyday work. Use decorated containers—or decorate them yourself—to make the top of your desk both functional and appealing.