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4 Tricks For Landlords Who Want To Spruce Up Their Ceilings

  • March 24, 2020

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Tricks For Landlords Who Want To Spruce Up Their Ceilings

Ceilings - seriously? Yes!

As a landlord, it’s easy to assume that there are other, more critical aspects of your property that need renovating. Whether it’s a conversion that adds value or a splash of paint on the exterior to enhance curb appeal, one of the last places you’ll focus your attention on is the ceiling. However, updating tired and old walls is imperative because the large surface area makes them focal points. As a result, tenants and potential buyers will notice something wrong if you continue to let them deteriorate.

The good news is that transforming your property’s ceilings isn’t as challenging as it sounds with these tricks. Also, check Green Building Elements to help you choose an ideal building materials.

Wallpaper Them

Ceilings seem as if they are the last home features that you can cover in wallpaper, yet that isn’t the case. Once you have the right style and material, you can either cover the entire area or apply wallpaper bit by bit. The former is simpler, yet it is only applicable if the ceiling is smooth and has no bumps. If you’re wondering why this technique is worth considering, it’s due to the fact that it is an excellent way to hide dropped tiles. These are the ones that slump and edge closer to the floor, making rooms appear old and outdated.


Embrace A Drop Ceiling

Rather than taking time to cover a ceiling that is dropping, you can embrace it by installing a grid and placing tiles into the squares. Now, it’s not a popular option for landlords as it makes homes look clinical and unhomely. But, if you have an apartment, especially a loft apartment, the style is perfect. Bare minimalism is in vogue with millennials! Armstrong Ceilings has more advice if you want to try and fix the problem alone. 

Use Spray Paint

Paint is probably the first piece of equipment that springs to mind. A quick glossy coat makes everything look better and hides quite sizable flaws. Hooray for paint! Of course, a ceiling is awkwardly located, so getting around to covering it in a new color takes time. What you need is spray paint. The likes of Seymour Paints have fantastic products that mask every inch of roof space in minutes. You could have to reapply quite often, but it will stick and last longer after a couple of coats. It’s got to be easier than using a brush or roller!

Go Back In Time

If you’re looking for a modern rental or sale property, the idea of going back to old-school trends isn’t appealing. Won’t it make the interiors seem out of step with contemporary styles and designs? No, not if you choose the pattern carefully. Wood paneling might be out of favor in certain circles, yet it’s an incredibly beautiful and affordable option for ugly ceilings. For one thing, it’s bright and airy if you go for a light color, and it’s not hard to install. Plus, using wood adds a new texture.

Take a look at your ceilings - are they stopping you from taking your property to the next level?