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4 Tips to Making Real Estate Photographs More Appealing

  • May 7, 2020

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Ways to Take Attractive Real Estate Photographs

Market experts agree there's a high demand for real estate opportunities in the Philippines. If you own multiple properties, now is the perfect time to put in on the market. Whether you're only aiming to find renters or you're on the lookout for a buyer, your property listing must attract them.

There are a few ways you can make sure the right people see your listing. These methods include posting on multiple platforms, advertising on social media, and using the right keywords on your listing. But another way you can attract buyers or renters is by taking appealing photographs of your property.

Here are 5 tips on how you can take attractive photos of your home or apartment. With these tips, your Earthauz real estate listing or your ad in other platforms will look better and feel homier.

Choose the Right Photographer

The first step to ensuring your property photographs look great is to hire the right photographer. Just like in every profession, photographers have specializations. Make sure that the photographer you hire has a background in taking interior shots of homes and buildings. Much like how certain photographers can bring out the best angles of a person by making certain adjustments, an architectural photographer knows the best way to take photos of your property.

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Stage Your Shots

Unfortunately, you may not have the time or the resources to engage a professional photographer. Then you must remember to manipulate the furniture and conditions in your property to present its best features. This is known as staging your property, and it's done by everyone to make their property stand out.

Here are a few ways you can stage your property:

  • Clean each room of your home thoroughly from top to bottom. You don't want prospective buyers or tenants thinking your property is filthy.
  • Rearrange your furniture to showcase the space. Spread them around a room to avoid making them feel too big or too claustrophobic.
  • Showcase how much natural light your property receives by throwing open windows and drapes. Dark rooms and dimly lit corridors can be off-putting and depressing to viewers.
  • Remove cluttering furniture and décor. Too many objects make rooms look crowded and messy.

When done properly, doing these things can make your property look more welcoming and appealing.

Choose Angles Carefully

Photos of your property should be able to show prospective buyers the spaciousness of each room. Uninspired angles can be unflattering to your property, making rooms look more cramped than they are. Avoid taking shots of rooms directly from the side or front. Instead, take pictures from the corner of each room. These angles provide potential buyers with more interesting perspectives of each room.

Use Attention-Grabbing Captions

Finally, don't forget the power of captions. When you're uploading your property's pictures, make sure to use attention-grabbing captions that play up its features. For example, words like "spacious," "luxurious," or "modern" all convey specific emotions and stimulate the interest of your viewers. Also mention key features in your captions, such as "high ceilings," "beautiful views," and "ample space."

With such high demand for real estate, you're going up against a crowded market with plenty of competition. Taking the right photographs of your property may give you the edge you need to quickly get it off the market.