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5 Little Things Guaranteed To Impress Clients

  • April 27, 2020

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5 Little Things Guaranteed To Impress Clients

Are you eager to impress your clients? Here are a few details they will definitely notice that you might have overlooked.

These are the 5 little things guaranteed to impress clients:


First, you need to make sure that your business office is clean and tidy. This might seem like a little detail and it is but it’s something that your clients will pick up on. If your office is not tidy they might assume that this reflects on how you take care of projects or approach jobs. They might be worried that their file will get lost in the clutter and this is a poor first impression. As such, it can be worth hiring a cleaner to ensure that your office looks fantastic. 


You might think appearances aren’t important in your business but we promise this isn’t the case. When clients interact with your staff they want to interact with someone who is well dressed and appropriately groomed. This means that if you have an employee that shows up unshaven with messy hair looking like they just rolled out of bed, you need to do something about it. It could definitely be enough to lose you a sale. You have to understand that in the business world, everything no matter how small is a part of your business brand and must be approached the right way from day one. 


If there’s one thing that clients love it’s knowing that things are being well taken care of and that there is a structure in place. In some cases, this is just a matter of ensuring that you are putting the right proposal in place for your clients. A business proposal should be well presented and hopefully dazzle your clients. It’s not just about the information that you include, it's about the presentation itself. Luckily, there are solutions online that will guarantee you can approach this the right way. 

Business Cards 

Business cards are a great way to convey to clients that you are successful. It’s a little thing but it will mean that you can make sure that you have something to give your clients that they can remember you by. This is going to be useful if you meet them at a trade show, exhibition, or a random meeting. Business cards can be highly stylized and some of them cost quite a lot of money. In certain cases, it can be worth paying more to get a fantastic level of quality. 


Finally, it’s important that you do make sure that you are communicating effectively with your clients. This is easier said than done. If you have too many clients at once it can be difficult to respond as quickly as you should to their concerns or requests. Believe it or not, the right email marketing solution can be the answer here. With email marketing, you can make sure that you are constantly engaging with leads and pushing them further down the funnel. Set up correctly and you can do this with limited levels of interaction. This saves you time, money, and keeps things productive while your clients remain happy.