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5 Tips for Creating a High-Quality Video Advertisement

  • December 10, 2019

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Creating a High-Quality Video Advertisement

Marketing is essential to any business plan. A good advertising strategy can increase sales, customer base, and brand recognition. In our online world, more and more consumers are turning to the internet for their shopping—which means more and more businesses are following them. Video marketing is an effective way to reach customers. Here are five tips for creating a high-quality video advertisement and setting your business up for even further success.

Grab Attention

With an entire world of knowledge at their fingertips, it’s easy and often tempting for audiences to skip advertisements as soon as they pop up in their browser. This is why the first few seconds of your video are vital. You have a very short amount of time to convince your audience to stay. You want those beginning seconds to capture someone’s attention. By hooking your audience with a great opener, you create enough interest to convince them to stay.

Keep it Short

After you capture your audience’s interest, you want to hold it for the rest of the video. Your audience can still skip the advertisement or click away at any time, which is why shorter videos are usually better for marketing. When writing your script, make sure your message comes across quickly and efficiently. While you don’t want to rush the video, you also want to make every second worthwhile to you and your target audience.

Relatable Message

One of the biggest benefits of video advertising is the way it connects with your viewers. A video has a better chance of impacting an audience. Make the most of that opportunity by creating a meaningful and relevant message. You should also consider hiring a professional voice over actor for your video. There are many good reasons to use a voice over, and a talented voice actor can help give your video an even stronger connection with your audience. If your advertisement makes your audience feel something, then they’re much more likely to further investigate your business or at least remember you down the road.

Editing Matters

One of the most important tips for creating a high-quality video advertisement is to invest time and effort into editing. The way you edit a video is can completely change the end product. Lighting, sound effects, and music have a huge effect on the style and tone of a video. This is also the point where you need to trim your video into a concise and effective message for your audience.

Call to Action

At the end of the video, your viewers need one final and to-the-point reason why they should click on your business. This is a call to action, and it’s what turns your audience into a customer base. This can be a special offer or coupon, or it can be as simple as an appealing graphic displaying your company’s information. No matter what it is, the call to action is a great way to end your advertisement on a strong note.