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6 Tips That Will Increase Your Home’s Value When Remodeling Your Kitchen

  • April 26, 2019

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The kitchen, long considered the heart of the home, has the potential during a remodel to affect your home’s value. It’s important to make sure that if you’re considering the resale of your home, to not only plan for yourself, but consider changes that could be a great investment for the future.  Check out  The way a kitchen looks, its energy efficiency, countertops, appliances, and accents all play a tremendous role in altering the value of your home. Below are 6 tips that will increase your home’s value when remodeling your kitchen.

Smart Countertop Choices

Revamping and updating your countertops will most definitely increase your home’s value if you make the right choices during your kitchen remodel. The kitchen is typically the first and most important part of the home that potential buyers want to see. If they aren’t wowed by the kitchen, it can easily be a quick fall-through. Countertops are one of the most important features of the kitchen that attract your attention and the attention of anyone viewing your home.

Smart countertop remodel choices will make all the difference when it comes to good, great, and where can I sign the papers! The most desirable countertop materials are made of natural stone, with marble and granite being some of the top choices. A marble counter adds class and style to your kitchen space, and will attract everyone’s attention. Most people prefer marble over granite, but granite is an extremely popular choice as well because it’s a bit cheaper and can mimic a similar look to marble but is more durable. With any of the natural stone countertops be sure to take care to maintain their look. Avoid high heat surface contact with granite and marble countertops and clean up spills right away in order to ensure that cracking and discoloration does not occur. Also make sure that your countertops are maintained and sealed once or twice each year to keep their beautiful finish.

Quartz countertops are also a perfect upgrade for your kitchen and will increase your home’s value because it’s a highly desirable material. Quartz is not a porous surface like marble and granite, so you don’t have to worry as often about cracking and staining. It is even more durable than granite, which is another highlight of remodeling your kitchen countertops with quartz. You’ll be sure to catch everyone’s attention with such a high-value material that is long lasting, easily maintained, and extremely easy to clean.

Stay away from countertop materials that wear out easily over time or that look like a cheap imitation of higher-grade countertops. Stainless steel countertops can add beauty to your kitchen, but they are easily worn and endless fingerprints negate the positive sides of remodeling with stainless steel. Wooden countertops should also be avoided in a home remodel. These countertops acquire a worn look more quickly than most material. Lastly avoid plastic or linoleum countertops that mimic the look of classier countertop materials. This will only degrade your home’s value and make your kitchen look cheap.

Appropriate Accents

As mentioned above there are certain materials to avoid when it comes to increasing your home’s value when remodeling your kitchen. As for the accents in your kitchen, the same applies. Proper kitchen accents like backsplashes can increase the value of your home. Leaving spaces behind your countertops and appliances like the stove can leave your kitchen looking and feeling empty. Amp up the look and increase the value of your kitchen by adding back splashing. Do be advised that getting too outlandish with your accents, or too trendy, can be a detriment to the look and value of your home. Not everyone may agree with your trendy choices, so choose accents that are simple, clean-cut, and leave it minimalistic. Let the future buyer create their own look with the simplicity that you have provided. If you go too far out with your accents, it leaves a potential buyer feeling like they may never get the kitchen to “work” for them.

Another unique way to make your kitchen stand out, particularly accenting your countertops, is to add thickness to your countertops, or add a kitchen island that has a thick countertop. This will cost you more initially, but in the end it will increase your home’s value and make you more money. Adding thickness gives the appearance of increased luxury and durability.

Simple Colors

When remodeling your kitchen in order to increase your home’s value, make sure to refresh the paint in your kitchen. Use colors that are neutral, like whites, ivories, cremes, grays, and other light colors. These colors may seem bland and run of the mill, but they allow a potential homeowner to easily change the colors if necessary (it’s not as tough to prime and repaint lighter colors), or make the colors match their plans for the kitchen. These commonplace colors make it easier for someone to change and create an atmosphere that appeals to them and allows them to develop a “homey” feel in the kitchen. If you use bright or extremely stark colors, buyers can be turned off with just one glance.

New or Updated Appliances

The best way to increase your kitchen’s value, and your overall home value during a remodel to is update the appliances. If you have been using the same appliances for years and years, it may be time to buy all new appliances. It may seem like a lot of money to spend, but in the long-run it’ll be much more of a turn-on for potential buyers and it’ll make you money. High-end appliances that are new always an appeal to any kitchen space.

Another option is to update your appliances by buying new parts. You can replace old and discolored handles and doors on microwaves and refrigerators. You can even replace the dishwasher plates simply by reversing their sides. This might take some more time than buying all new appliances but it can still get the job done and leave everyone satisfied.

Use stainless steel or matte-black when updating or buying new appliances. These colors and materials are contemporary and popular. If you choose white appliances it will date your kitchen beyond its years.

Another important feature not to forget is to update your ventilation hood above the stove, or install one if you don’t have it. There are a lot of different options when it comes to aesthetics for a vent hood, but a classic stainless steel and fiberglass hood are great options in order to make an impression.

Go Green

Going green during your kitchen remodel is a sure way to raise the value of your home. Going green has increased in popularity and it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention. You can add light dimmers in your kitchen in order to save money and save energy. What potential home buyer wouldn’t want that to be a perk?

Using eco-friendly materials is another wise way to go green in your kitchen remodel. Natural stone is always a good choice, and so are ceramics and fiberglass. These materials are considered to be green and are extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Expand Your Kitchen Space

Everyone loves a large kitchen. As previously mentioned, usually the first thing a buyer wants to see is the kitchen and a big kitchen will be sure to enrapture them. You can go big and consider knocking down a wall or part of a wall if necessary in order to increase the space in your kitchen. When doing so, make sure that you choose a wall that isn’t load bearing and take all safety precautions into consideration. Doing this will make your room seem much more expensive especially if it allows you to see into other parts of the home instead of being closed-off in one area.

The addition of a large window or several windows in the kitchen is another way to make your kitchen space seem bigger and increase your home’s value. Adding windows will also bring in more natural light which creates the illusion of a bigger room.