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7 Best Ab Workouts You Need To Tone Your Tummy

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best ab workouts to tone your tummy

Do you want to have six-pack abs and look great in a swimsuit? Well, we have you covered in today's post. Let's a take a look at the 7 best ab workouts you need to tone your tummy.

I don't know anyone out there who loves doing sit-ups or crunches. But, these ab exercises, along with a healthy diet can certainly go a long way in helping you look better.

However, looking great in a swimsuit isn't that easy. If it was, we would all be enjoying the beautiful people on the beach. I don't need to tell you that is not always the case.

What you need to remember, though, is that "ab exercises cannot help you shed that layer of fat that sits on top of the muscles," as Avocadu points out. Instead, you will need to incorporate fat-burning exercises into your ab workout training plan.

7 Best Ab Workouts You Need To Tone Your Tummy


Crunches are where it all starts when it comes to abs, at least in my opinion. If you get this technique correct, and you have a foundation for your other workouts. You always want to make sure you're doing the exercise properly to avoid injury and get the maximum benefit.

You can check out the crunches workout here.


This is another one of those foundational workouts we remember from our high school days. To do sit-ups properly, roll down slowly one vertebrae at a time, as the instructor says in the video. It is more challenging than the crunch, so be aware of that.

Additionally, give yourself something comfortable to lean on like a yoga mat or the carpet. You can check out your sit-up workout here.


While it's difficult, the plank is one of my favorite ab workouts because it really makes you work for it. My wife and I do it sometimes and try to challenge ourselves at 30-second, 1-minute, or over 1-minute increments.

Yes, it can really get your ab muscles screaming, but that's the point. Right?

Check out your plank ab workout here that comes a few variations of the exercise.

Leg Raises

Leg raises are more difficult maneuver when targeting your abs. However, this particular video offers a modification of the exercise to make things a bit easier. Also, it gives you a great tip for protecting your back as you do this ab workout.

Check out the leg raises for abs workout here.

Mountain Climbers

So, the mountain climber is another ab workout that will work a few parts of your body. This demonstration gives you three different variations starting with beginners (which is where I know I am).

But, give it a try and make sure you pay attention to how this (and all exercises) are done. The key is to master the movement to get the most benefit and decrease chances of injury.

As I learned in another video on this exercise, think of it almost as running in place. Check out your mountain climber workout here.

Ab Wheel Rollout

As the coach in this video points out, the key to the ab wheel rollout exercise is to not let your back sag. By allowing your back to sag, you are putting pressure on that area. Make sure you pay attention to his technique so you can do this properly. And, please, remember it's OK to start slowly.

Check out the full ab wheel exercise video here.

Superman or Superwoman

Do you want to be a superhero -- or maybe even have the body of one? Well, this is the exercise for you. Just like it's name, you're going to feel like you're flying high above the clouds. OK, not really.

Actually, you will be extending your arms and legs -- and it's going to hurt. But, being a real Superman or Superwoman is about gaining from the pain. Am I right?

Check out your Superman / Superwoman abs workout video here.

Ready To Get Going? Start Your 7 Best Ab Workouts Today!

best ab workouts to tone your tummy

I know it can be difficult to start a new workout regimen. But, if you want to have the body you always dreamed of, it takes work. And not just some exercise or there, but consistent work.

I have faith that you can do it. You just need to have that same faith.

I know life is busy and you have so much on your plate. But, try giving yourself just 15 to 20 minutes each day and give a few of these ab workouts a try.

You may just surprise yourself with how much you truly can fit in -- and how much progress you make. Good luck!

  • Thanks David for sharing this post.

    I was trying to reduce belly fat from last 2 months but with little success. The exercises you listed looks promising will try these . Thanks for sharing this info.

    • Christina says:

      You should definitely try out the doing minutes of the superman pose then! Haha it was such a hard thing to do. Along with these workouts I’d recommend to anyone that they should look into workout programs like beach body to change things up.

      Or even getting something like a home gym from a total gym or a vigorfit, those machines seriously help reduce belly fat in no time.

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