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7 Effective Ways To Cut Business Costs

  • May 7, 2019

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7 Effective Ways To Cut Business Costs

In business, every penny counts, and a small increase in the revenue or a small reduction in expenses can have a huge impact on the profitability of the company. The good news is that a large scale restructuring of the company is not necessary. There are a few, simple steps that can help cut down the cost of operations in a business. It is a good time to step back and look at our business practices. Here are a few ways you can reduce business costs.

Reduce office supply expenses

The easiest way to cut down on operational costs is by reducing the cost of office supplies. Contact the lenders and tell them you will be using reusable office supplies and ask for discounts. Go outside the traditional pool of vendors and look for alternatives. When you make a bulk purchase, you can enjoy a large discount. In addition, cut down on the use of paper in your office. This means you will save money spent on the purchase of paper each month. Sue Morton from Data Dash ( says that besides being good for the environment, companies that go paperless are able to save a good deal of money.

Reduce the cost of production

As a business owner, you need to look for ways to cut down the cost of material and optimize the available resources. Hence, consider ways you can use the waste to create another product. You need to ensure that you are getting the most out of your production through real estate. Hence, centralize the space if possible and lease the unused space to another business. Measure the operational efficiency of the business so as to optimize the use of available resources and set parameters which reflect the efficiency goals.

Reduce financial expenses

Look at your books of accounts to save money. You can save money on insurance by comparing the providers for a competitive rate, then ask your lender to match that rate. Alternatively, you can consolidate the insurance policies if possible. Do not take unnecessary debt because it will only cost you more money in the form of interest. When you take a debt, consider the opportunity cost and the effects of debt payment on your cash flow. An excess debt will have an impact on the ability of the company to borrow in the future.

Work on marketing efforts

Paid advertising can give you results but it is worthwhile to take a look at some alternatives. You can do this by building a customer email list and use a referral program. Further, network more and advertise less. Clients are likely to hire a business with a face they recognize as compared to an advertisement they have seen somewhere. You can also cut down on the marketing costs by doing a lot more in the house. Make the most of social media and cut down on the traditional methods of marketing your business.

Use virtual technology

You can cut down on the business costs by operating in a virtual manner as far as possible. A virtual meeting will help you cut down on the travel expenses and will eliminate the need for a physical space. Use technology like Google docs in order to go paperless and to centralize product collaboration.

Make the most of the available space

You need to make the most of the physical space you own. If space is overflowing with supplies and piles of paper, it will reflect an inefficient placement of furniture and stationery. Centralize the functions in your business and use space for dual purposes. You can use the meeting room in a break room. The opportunities will vary based on the nature and size of your business. If you have additional unused space, you can rent it out.

Maximize the skills of your employees

You need to know all about the employee skills and experience. Employees with the most skills should be given responsibilities. It makes no sense to use expert sales professionals for word processing or using expert accountants for design functions. When you make the most of the skills of your employees, you increase their productivity and efficiency.

Whether it is a product or service you offer, always focus on the quality. While you try to bring down the cost of operations in your business, do not compromise on the quality because that will take away your customers from you.