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7 Proven Digital Music Promotion Strategies For Aspiring Artists

  • July 22, 2019

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Digital Music Promotion Strategies

Nothing is more important than a big fan following for music artists. But it takes a lot of talent, hard work and good luck to get there if you are aspiring to become a famous artist. At the same time, some smart digital promotion strategies can ease up your journey and get you there sooner than you expect. It all starts with knowing your audience and connecting with them the right way. Also, you would need a promotion partner with the right experience to help you with planning and implementing the right strategies for success. Here are a few digital promotion strategies that can help aspiring music artists to achieve their goals.

Start by creating a music website

As the internet becomes the prime selling channel, it becomes vital to have an online presence if you want to be recognized. A website gives you much more; it is like an online portfolio where people can know more about you and check out your work. You can use it to showcase your music launches and events and even sell your albums. Though you can use a website builder, developing it with the help of a professional is a good idea because they know what look and feel would connect with your audience.

Share your music on the popular digital platforms

There are many more opportunities for building a digital presence that you can leverage. One of these is by sharing your music on the popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. It is as easy as uploading your album and you can reach out to the thousands of music lovers out there. The choice of the right platform matters because you need to leverage the one that connects you with your target audience.

Promote on social media

Another promotional strategy that can open the doors to success for your music is social media promotion, just because of the sheer size of the audience these channels reach out to. Imagine what can happen when thousands of people share and leave comments on your post on Twitter or Facebook! The idea is to create posts that are viral, which is something that you should trust a professional for. The right approach would be to collaborate with the best music promoter who has ample experience in building strong social profiles and promotional campaigns for artists.

Connect with music influencers

Beyond just leveraging streaming platforms and social media, you need to grow your outreach by connecting with music influencers. Ensure that you find the ones who are relevant to your niche, with a following that coincides with your target audience. Request them to endorse you by featuring your music in their posts or sharing your song or album directly. Influencer collaboration has huge scope for connecting you with a massive following. Moreover, it is as good as celebrity endorsement and gives you credibility despite being new in the industry.

Invest in paid advertising

Good things do not always come free of cost, so you should be willing to invest some money to grow your music brand. Paid advertising can go a long way in boosting your marketing efforts because it gets you results faster as compared to the organic strategies for getting traffic. Get started with a budget that you will be able to spend on ads and invest in Google Ads, YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads for an extended reach across the internet.

Send a newsletter to your email contact list

If you have been smart enough to invest in a music website, you will obviously have a contact list of subscribers. This database can serve as an asset when it comes to growing your new brand’s popularity. Keep shooting out email newsletters regularly to keep in touch with your contact list. Use them to update the followers regarding new releases and upcoming events. Email marketing has a personalized appeal and engagement value. It can even motivate the recipients to propagate your brand to their own contacts too.

Share your videos on YouTube

You cannot ignore the importance of video-sharing platforms when it comes to promoting your music because what people see is always more impactful. Therefore, having a YouTube channel is mandatory for a budding artist. Do come up with creative ideas for interactive and engaging videos which you can share on this channel. Also, optimize your YouTube channel so that you can reach out to the maximum number of users.

Beyond these digital strategies, do stick to conventional ones such as live events, print ads, and brand merchandising as well. A combination of the two can create a winning strategy that gives you a huge recognition early in your music career.