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A Little Boost To Your Income

  • August 9, 2018

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a little boost to your income

Want a little boost to your income? Today's contributed post shows you how! 


Do you feel as though you’re struggling to get by on the income that you have? Or do you just want that little bit of extra money to help you in life, so that you don’t constantly have to feel like you’re watching what you’re spending?

Or, perhaps you’re struggling to clear a little bit of debt that’s playing on your mind. Whatever your reason might be, you’re not the only one who is trying to do this. In fact, a lot of people are in desperate need of boosting their income due to the price of living costs, poor wages, and the lack of jobs that seem to be available at the minute.

But, boosting your income isn’t as hard as you might think, and there are some simple ways that you can give it a go, without having to leave your day job. Of course, one of our suggestions is going to be that you find a higher paid job, but we understand how hard these are to actually find.

So, we want to try and show you how you can boost your income, ease your life, and put your worries onto something else for once. Have a read on to find out more.

Investment Options

There are plenty of investment options that you could look into, that wouldn’t require you to put in much money to get it going, and wouldn’t need you to put in much effort to try and make a return. Of course, there are the bigger investment options that would mean you would have to have a bit of savings spare to invest in, but there is the possibility of making a much bigger return. We’ll start with a low investment option first. Bitcoin.

Not so long ago cryptocurrency was all the rage, and it wasn’t just bitcoin that was capturing the attention of many people around the world. There were other options that you could go for, but bitcoin was definitely one of the most popular. But at the same time, there was a lot of criticism about it being a dead currency, and it had no value as real money. This couldn’t have been more wrong, and people were making millions by trading it!

Buying cryptocurrency wasn’t that expensive either. For every pound or dollar you put into buying bitcoin for example, you would get so many bitcoins out of it. You would then have to trade and buy as best as you could until your bitcoin amount was big enough to make a profit back into normal currency. If you haven’t thought about giving this a go yet, we would really recommend it.

There are plenty of guides on the internet that can help you to learn the ropes, as well as financial advisors that you could speak to face to face. So, if you like the idea of this, get researching. It’s in its most simple form, trading a currency that is virtual, and finding a way to change that virtual currency back into normal currency, which is easy to do, you just have to go to the right people!

Of course, you could always think of other investment options, but a lot of them require a bigger investment in the beginning. If you have a lot of money spare, you could always go for something like real estate investment.

It’s so easy to get into, so much easier to understand that bitcoin would be, and you don’t have to put in too much effort to get the result that you want. Plus, when you do get a result, it usually means that your bank account nearly doubles in profit, especially if you go for something like property flipping. People really do become filthy rich from something like this, but it is risky.

All you need to do is buy a home off the market that needs a lot of work doing, be the person to do that work, then resell it. You always have to do calculations, and make sure that the renovation work you’re doing would be covered by the resale of the house. But of course, you can never estimate the resale of the house, so it is always a little bit of a gamble.

Takeaway What’s Draining Your Income

If you want to boost your income, think about what might be draining it, rather than ways that you can actually boost what’s coming into your bank account. Sometimes, the money that you’ve got is perfectly fine, but there are things in the way that are stopping you from using it.

So, the first drainer we want to talk about is the home. If you’re still living with your parents, then this one won’t be an issue for you. If you don’t, then we know you know how much of an issue bills are. But, is the issue really the bill? Or is the issue the you? We’re so bad for making bills worse than they have to be by overusing the things in our house.

Take water for example. People prefer to leave the water running whilst they wash up, rather than filling up the water bowl and using that. People love to leave the shower ‘warming up’, whilst they get ready to get into the shower. Think of it as literally money going down the drain. The same goes with electricity. People leave the televisions on all night, people leave the lights on during a bright sunny day.

Again, money down the drain. So, think about all of the traits you have with your home, and whether you’re the reason why your bills are so high. If not, then it could be due to the fact the house you’re in is just too big for your finances. If you’re housing a bit of extra space that you really don’t need, then it might be worth downsizing. It’s a pain to move home, but if it’s going to save you hundreds on bills and the mortgage, it might be a move worth making.

Finding A Better Job

We said we’d talk about it, so we’re going to. Yes, we all know how much of a pain finding a new job is, but it could be the key to your future. If the job you’re in at the minute is paying a basic salary of a basic wage, then you’re never going to get anywhere in terms of boosting your income a little. So, get job hunting, and make yourself more employable.

If there’s a new line of work that you want to try, get some volunteer work to make yourself more employable in that area. If there’s a higher paid job that you don’t think you’re eligible to get, just because the wage us higher, then get yourself out of that mind frame. Just because a job is well paid, it doesn’t mean that you’re not suited. All you’re doing is giving the interview or application process a whirl anyway, there’s nothing really for you to lose!

Working From Home Solutions

So, we’re not talking about becoming self employed or anything like that, we’re talking about setting up your own blog. It’s the perfect piece of the puzzle that will allow you to bring in some extra income, do it from the comfort of your own home, no stress, and no impact on your usual job. Yes, you can make a lot of money from it, and it’s easy enough to set up. Follow a guide like this one, and you could be well on your way!