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These Basement Remodels Will Make You Want To Start Yours Now

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Are you ready to tackle a basement remodel?

As I write this, we are currently redoing our basement.  It's sure been a process.  It started as a project strictly for my father-in-law and me.  But, as we soon realized how big it truly would be, we hired some contractors to help us do larger parts of the job.

To help you avoid some of the hassles we had and give you some frugal ideas for your basement remodel, check out the resources below.  Let us know what you think!

Before You Begin ...

Check out some items you may need below as well as other resources for any DIY basement remodel project:

5 Of The Best DIY Basement Remodel Ideas

For The Movie Buff and Sports Fans -- Here's Your Home Theater!

Found from Perfectly Imperfect

basement remodel

Got Kids?  Please Don't Overdo It On The Floors!

Found from GreatMats on Amazon | Simply Home

basement remodel

DIY Beadboard Ceiling To Replace a Basement Drop Ceiling

Found from Remodelaholic

basement remodel

Create A DIY Pallet Accent Wall in Your Basement

Found from Cape 27

basement remodel

Awesome Way to Protect Your Walls -- And Have A Dart Board!

Found from Imgur

basement remodel

Ready to Tackle Your Basement Remodel?

I know there is a lot to consider when you undertake a basement remodel.  But, don't be afraid to try to do some of these things yourself.

Yes, there will be a learning curve. There's no doubt about that.  However, you will learn lessons that can serve you for the rest of your life -- and pass those skills onto your children.

So, have tackled a basement remodel?  If so, or you're considering it, tell us about it.  Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest!

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