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7 Best Workouts For Pregnant Women

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best workouts for pregnant mothersWhat are the best workouts for pregnant women?

With my wife pregnant right now, she needs ways to keep herself active without overdoing it. Sure, it's much easier to avoid working out while pregnant. After all, your body is under intense pressure as it is -- and it's exhausting!

However, she feels it's important to try and stay as fit as possible. It makes her feel better about herself, it's good for the baby, and it helps her to be able to lose weight faster postpartum.

So, I wanted to share the workouts she found as examples of things all women can try. I asked her to do the research to see if these are viable options.

Try them all and see what works for you!

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7 Best Workouts for Pregnant Women

20-minute Prenatal Cardio Workout

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Get Healthy U

Kim from Get Healthy U has a quick 20-minute workout for pregnant moms to get their heart rate up moderately.  With combinations of high knees, knee thrusts, and lateral shuffles, you'll get yourself off the couch and moving without going overboard.  Plus, no weights are needed for this workout!

Stay in Shape and Look Terrificbest workouts for pregnant women

Found from Mumberry

This pregnancy workout kicks things up a notch and includes weights. You'll do bicep curls, tricep extensions, squats and plank. Certainly nothing to sneeze at whether you're pregnant or not!

30-minute Pool Workout for Pregnancy

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Home Field Fitness

As a runner, I know one of the best cross-training ideas is to do aqua running or swimming. The low impact exercises give your legs a break while still giving you a workout.

I'd imagine the same is true with pregnant women. You want something that gets your heart rate up without putting added stress on your bodies. That's why this pool workout from Alyssa at Home Field Fitness is just perfect!

Core Strengthening and Butt Workouts

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Life as Mama

Life as Mama has a great list of 7 workout videos of all types for pregnant women. Choose from core strengthening, butt workouts, or prenatal barre. You can't go wrong.

Pregnancy Safe Walking Workout

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Fit Pregnancy

This is something pregnant women of all ability levels can do. Fit Pregnancy even provided a trimester-by-trimester guide to what they call "the perfect walking workout." Lace up those walking shoes, grab a water bottle, and head out the door!

Booty & Thighs Workout 

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Diary of a Fit Mommy

Sia from Diary of a Fit Mommy helps you target your lower half during the second trimester with this workout. As she says, "As my little bump starts to grow, so are my booty, hips, and thighs."

Her solution is this workout that will "target your lower half to torch calories ..." She sounds tough, but I'm sure it's worth it!

10 Yoga Poses that Strengthen your Body for Birth

best workouts for pregnant women

Found from Health Faith Strength

Just like that we've come to our final workout. This includes 10 yoga poses that will help strengthen your body for birth.

As Health Faith Strength's Serena also explains, "Some other benefits of doing prenatal yoga regularly include: Better Sleep, Fewer Headaches, Help with morning sickness, Decreased back pain, [and] Increase flexibility."

What are the best workouts for pregnant women in your view?

OK, we've given you our best workouts for pregnant women. Now, I want to hear from all of you.

What have your tried on this list? What have you not tried? Do you subscribe to working out during pregnancy or not? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Most importantly, good luck with your pregnancy. At the time of this writing, my wife and I are expecting our second child, a baby girl. So, it's a very exciting time! I pray that everything goes well and your family (and my family) enjoys that happy, healthy little baby!

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