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3 Of The Best Ways To Start Boosting Your Muscle Gain

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Awesome contributed post today on boosting your muscle gain here. But, please be sure to consult a doctor or health professional before going forward with any of the advice below. Got it? We're just providing some interesting information here.

boosting your muscle gain

Many people heading to the gym are going with the aim of getting bigger rather than smaller. In a world where Chris Hemsworth, the Rock, and Gal Gadot are huge body image influencers in the media, and where more people than ever are concerned about their health, the amount if gym goers looking to tone up and to pack on the muscle has risen. Gaining muscle isn't always about being the biggest guy out there, it's about getting healthy and being happy in your body.

It's surprising, but with as much information and help there is out there to achieve the body goals you have, many people don't actually know what to do to get there, and just wing it. Doing this can very easily have the opposite effect that you want; if you want to get stronger but stay lean, you need to do more reps with lower weights, and to bulk, you need to slowly increase the weight you're lifting and not dive into the deep end, or you will end up hurting yourself and have to take time away from the gym to heal. Making that goal even further away than before.


It's pretty obvious that you're not going to gain any muscle without putting in the time and effort. But just going to the gym and doing a random circuit isn't going to cut it. If you just go for cardio, then you'll burn fat and create lean muscles, where if you're trying to bulk up, you need to burn your body fat while increasing in size. Muscle is formed through the tearing and repairing process, so no one is going to need up without the right workout plan. As we said before, the type of exercise you do is so important, but don't make the mistake of thinking that you need a load of fancy machines to get the job done. There are so many muscle building exercises you can do at home.


The simplest way of gaining muscle quickly, is to combine a high-protein diet with your usual workout. Extra protein doesn't always mean lumping a steak on top of every meal, in fact, overloading your body with red meat isn't good for your health. Start incorporating more chicken and fish into your diet. You can also up your protein by eating more nuts, seeds and veggies.

Protein Powders

Another way of upping your protein intake is to introduce supplements into your diet. You can use tablets or powders to do this, but the more popular choices are the powders that you can turn into a shake. Most protein shakes are best to be consumed just before and just after a workout. Supplements are a great way of adding protein to your life without adding the calories; they also fall on the legal side of the legal steroids vs illegal steroids debate.

Protein supplements are, technically a steroid seeing as they are a chemical additive you are putting into your body to improve your performance at the gym. However, they are not a drug and so are legal to use on a day to day basis as well as for competing.

But, be sure to check with a doctor or health care professional before taking anything.

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    Um protein powder is a steroid? Seems like by the way you describe a steroid tap water, chicken, milk or really anything we ingest (besides poison) would be considered a steroid.

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