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4 DIY Projects That Will Fit Your Budget

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I have a great contributed post for you today on budget-friendly renovations. It's for informational purposes only, so please consult a professional before making any decisions with money or using proper DIY tools. Got it?

budget-friendly renovations

Are you renovating an old house or are you keen to make a few improvements at home? We all know that restoration and redecoration costs can spiral out of control, and most of us are eager to try and save wherever possible. If you’re an ambitious amateur when it comes to jobs around the house, there are plenty of things you can do that could save you money. Here are some of the best examples.

Clearing the site

If you’re taking on a major restoration project, there’s every chance that you’ve inherited a property or a site that is laden with items or materials you won’t want or need. Before any work starts, you’ll need to clear the site. You could pay somebody to do this, or you could hire a skip and get some friends around and do it yourself.

Take care if the structure of the building isn’t secure and wear hard hats. The quicker you can remove old bathtubs, ancient TV sets and planks of wood, the sooner the building work can commence.


Once you’re at the stage when you’ve got smooth, clean walls that are ready to paint, you could save yourself a small fortune by donning a brush and doing the job yourself. Once you’ve selected the colors you want, sand down the walls and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Apply a coat of primer using a roller and wait for it to dry before you put the first coat of paint on. Wait for each coat to dry before you start the next layer. It’s a good idea to tape window and door frames and plug sockets so that you don’t mix colors. You should use a brush for intricate details and a roller for large areas.

Backyard jobs

If you’ve got a backyard full of fallen branches or your decking has seen better days, don’t call a gardener just yet. If you’ve got a bit of spare time, you can clear the garden, remove broken flagstones and decking and cut down any stray branches. If you don’t already have a chainsaw, look for models that are well received by Chain Cutting. If you’re just planning to do the odd job, you’ll only need a basic product. Once the backyard is clear, you can focus on the aesthetics by painting fence panels, mowing the lawn and livening up flowerbeds.


When you’ve spent a lot of money renovating a house or carrying out running repairs at home, you don’t want to fork out for brand new furniture, especially if you’ve got items that could be salvaged already. Upcycling is a great concept to embrace if you’re creative and you love the idea of producing unique items for your home. Revive old, broken chairs, turn a battered old wardrobe into a castle for your kids or even use a vintage bathtub to design a statement sofa.

Are you in the process of renovating or redecorating? If so, you’re probably eager to try and cut costs. There are lots of jobs that should be reserved for professionals, but there are also lots of tasks you can do too.

4 DIY Projects That Will Fit Your Budget

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