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Jobs for People With Wanderlust

  • May 4, 2020

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Jobs for People With Wanderlust

For many people, an annual vacation is enough to scratch that travel itch. Some of us, on the other hand, simply aren’t meant to stay in one place throughout our lives. If you spend your workdays daydreaming at your desk or wishing your commute took you somewhere more exotic, you might need a career change. Don’t fret—there are plenty of opportunities that let you travel and explore the world as you make a lucrative income. Pursue that much-needed change of scenery with these jobs for people with wanderlust.

Travel Writer

This one might seem obvious—after all, the word travel is in the name—but there’s no denying the excellent opportunities it can bring. Travel writers get to wander all over the world in pursuit of the next great review, story, or experience. You might even get discounts and other VIP treatments from resorts that are looking for a shining review from you. There are plenty of unique opportunities for travel writers. You can craft reviews, write articles for online magazines, publish works of creative non-fiction, and more. No matter what your writing style or your dream destination is, there’s a travel writing job that’s perfect for you.

English Teacher

Have you ever thought about being a teacher? Language teachers are in high demand all over the world. English is the most popular second language choice in the world, and as a native speaker, you can find work teaching it to students all around the globe. Work in full classroom settings, or teach privately as a tutor to students of all ages and backgrounds. These jobs often require special certifications, but they allow you to dive deeply into a different country and culture, making them the perfect jobs for people with wanderlust that run deeper than simply going on vacation.

Contract Truck Driver

If your preferred method of travel is the open road, you might want to consider life as a truck driver. You can explore the country from the driver’s seat, visiting all the best landmarks and quirky roadside attractions along the way. There are plenty of glorious landscapes you can see from America’s highways, which means you’ll never get bored in this job. Plus, when you become a contract truck driver, you get to choose where and when you take jobs, making you the master of your own schedule.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants help businesses with administrative, technical, or creative work. This is a remote job opportunity to begin with, which means you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable internet connection and phone service, and you can get through your workday from a sunny beach, gorgeous mountains, or anywhere else you roam. Traveling might even help put you in touch with new clients in various parts of the world.