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5 Kitchen Islands That Will Make You Say Wow

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When we're entertaining, the focal point is usually where the food is served.  Chances are that is your kitchen island.

We all want a kitchen island that pops and wows everyone that comes into our home.  I complied a few of the best kitchen islands that you can use as ideas for your next home renovation project.

Use these for inspiration for your next project or save them for a friend who could use them.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

A Few Quick Things Before Diving In ...

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OK, let's get back to it!

5 Kitchen Islands That You Need To See Right Now

DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage

Found from Shades of Blue Interiors

kitchen island

From Buffet to Rustic Kitchen Island

Found from Hometalk | Roni's Rescued Relics

kitchen island

Need Kitchen Storage? Make a Kitchen Island From A Dresser!

Found from Vanessa's Modern Vintage Home

kitchen island

Thrift Store Cabinet Turned Kitchen Island

Found from At Charlotte's House

kitchen island

DIY Rustic Buffet Table That Can Double As a Kitchen Island

Found from Home Made By Carmona

kitchen island

Which Kitchen Island Do You Like Best?

I know redesigning a kitchen is a lot of work.  I hope that some of these designs for your next kitchen island get you thinking.

Either way, realize with these examples of great kitchen islands that a beautiful kitchen is possible on a budget.  As with anything else, it takes time and dedication.  Save the money, acquire the skills, and get the help and advice you need.

So, readers, what redesigns and renovations do you have going on?  Do one of these kitchen islands fit your style?

Let us know in the comments -- and share these kitchen island designs on Facebook and Pinterest.  Make sure to show some love to the content creators as well!  Happy DIY-ing!

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