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200 Ways To Have A No Spend Weekend That Will Make You Forget About Money

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no spend weekend

Have you ever tried a no spend weekend with yourself or the family?

I don't know about you, but I feel like we need this from time to time.  We spend so much on ourselves -- and our children in particular -- that we all should take a break from spending.

So, here are a few ways to have fun, but make it a no spend weekend!  This can help all of us stick to the budget -- especially if it's toward the end of the month and we're about to be in the red!

Enjoy this post, bookmark it, refer to it often, and let us know what you do for your no spend weekend.

The No Spend Weekend That Will Make You Popular With The Family

The Minimalist's Guide to a No Spend Weekend With The Family

Found from Mama Bear Martin 

No Spend Weekend

Save Your Money and Opt For Fun Free Weekends!

Found from Adrienne J.

No Spend Weekend

Frugal Free Activities for Your No Spend Weekend

Found from Yaz @ The Wallet Moth

No Spend Weekend

Ways to Not Spend Money in the Fall

Found from The Budget Mom

No Spend Weekend

How About Not Spending Money, but Also Making Some Money?

Found from Allan @ The Practical Saver

No Spend Weekend

Here's Your No Spend Weekend Challenge (If You Choose To Accept It)

Found from Centsibly Rich

No Spend Weekend

Ready For Your No Spend Weekend?

I know it's crazy to think about not spending a dime over the weekend.  Yeah, it's hard.  How easy is it to just whip out the credit card and go to town at the drive-thru?

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    Hey Dave, thanks for the shout out! Great to see there are so many activities we can all do for free!

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