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4 Golden Rules That Will Take Your Investments To The Next Level

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take your investments to the next level

Are you looking to take your investments to the next level?

Thinking about investing your money?

Good, you’ve already made a fantastic financial decision. There are almost too many things you can invest in these days, which makes things very confusing for a lot of people. Everyone is looking for the ‘best’ investment, but I’m here to tell you that all things can be good investments if you play your cards right.

What I mean is that it doesn’t necessarily matter what you invest it; cryptocurrency, real estate, stocks - what matters is how you invest in it. Keeping that in mind, follow these golden rules whenever you’re investing in anything.

Always Buy When The Market Is Down

Market crashes are seen as a double-edged sword for investors. On the one hand, it means that your investments are crashing in price and becoming worthless. But, on the other hand, it means everything is now much cheaper and more affordable.

Talk to any investment expert, and they’ll say that market crashes are the best time to invest your money. Why? Because if history is anything to go by, crashes are temporary things. There was the big stock market crash a decade or so ago where everything fell, and people were panic selling like crazy.

Fast forward to now and - if you invested back then - you’ve probably earned a fortune in profits by now. The problem with investing when the market is thriving is that it’s hard to make money.

Or, more accurately, you need to spend a lot more money to make money. Prices are up, which means you take a massive gamble in the hope that this upward curve can last long enough to generate profits for you. What goes up must come down, and what goes down will normally go back up! In short, buy when the market is on a downward curve, and you can get some bargain investments.

Don’t Just Invest In One Thing

Diversity is vital when you want to make money from investments. No matter what market you choose to invest in, you should diversify your purchases. For example, don’t spend all your money on one company in the stock market, spread it around in different stocks.

With cryptocurrency, think about buying different digital assets or even investing in something like a crypto mining rig instead of just purchasing Bitcoin and nothing else. If real estate is your game, then make sure you try and build a property empire by investing in multiple properties for different reasons. If you want to invest in venture capital, check out

The bottom line is that, if you only invest in one thing, you limit your opportunities. If your investment goes poorly, then you have no safety net to catch you. But, if you’ve got other investments going at the same time, then one might fail, but the others could be successful enough to ensure you still get an overall profit!

Follow The Trends

Trending investments are massive money makers. If you get involved in a trend when it’s just starting out, you can multiply your investment quite dramatically. Look at cryptocurrency as a great recent example; if you jumped aboard that trend towards the back end of 2016, by the time December 2017 came around you’d have multiplied your investment tenfold.

The same goes for stocks and shares; if you invest in a trending company when they’re just gaining clout, then you can ride the wave and make a fortune. It kind of relates back to the first rule in that you should buy when things are down.

Invest in a trend when it’s only just receiving hype, and you can get in when the price is as low as possible. This opens the door for you to sell when it hits a peak. The best way to follow trends and assure yourself of success is to continually be in the loop.

Follow different social media accounts that post about investments and engage in news sources that identify trends. You could even listen to podcasts or watch videos of people predicting the next trends to try and get in early. Do what you can to stay one step ahead of everyone else and assure yourself of success.

Otherwise, you end up catching a trend too late, investing a lot of money and barely making a profit before the inevitable downward spiral happens. Granted, not all trends end up crashing, some stocks will continue to grow and grow even after they hit the headlines. However, you still need to get in early to maximize your profit potentials.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Dictate Your Decisions

This final rule is quite deep, but it’s probably the best rule there is. You’ll find a lot of people who are emotional investors. This means they buy and sell based on how they feel, and they let their emotions dictate their decisions.

For example, they may have a good feeling about something, so they’ll invest in it. Likewise, they could have a bad feeling about something and choose to sell their investment. This isn’t a smart thing to do.

Never let your emotions make decisions, always decide things based on facts and statistics. If the stats show something is gradually increasing in price, and all the facts point to it continuing to do so, then don’t sell your stocks because you feel like something will go wrong. Likewise, panic selling is the best example of emotional investments.

People see things go down in value, they panic, and they sell. Only for it to be a momentary blip, meaning the price of their old assets went back up the next day, causing them to lose a lot of money. Buy and sell based on logic and facts, not on emotions!

This Is How To Take Your Investments To The Next Level!

If you follow these rules, then all of your investments will be taken to the next level. It doesn’t always matter what market you invest in, what matters is how you do it. If anything, it’s encouraged to dip your fingers into multiple pies to enhance your chances of an overall profit! Follow the advice above, and you should start investing with more confidence.

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  • This is amazing! thank you for sharing this to us, investing really does pay a lot and does go a long way!

  • Great advice! Yes, buy when the market it down! Not an easy thing to do, but necessary to outperform the market!

    It’s so easy to keep waiting for just the right time when prices are falling. It’s much better to dollar cost average into positions when the market is falling.

  • You are right one should not invest in one thing. Go for diversification. Thanks for sharing your content. Keep Sharing.

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    Hello Dave, Thank you so much for describing it clearly. One reason why many people fail as successful investors is because they do not observe some basic investing golden rules. They think that investing is an easy way to make money simply and treat it like a get-rich-quick scheme.

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