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The Inevitability Of Not Taking Your Health Seriously

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The Inevitability Of Not Taking Your Health Seriously

It’s tempting to slack off where your health is concerned. For one thing, working out and eating healthily is hard work. You find it easier to eat what you want and sit in front of the TV rather than to hit the gym. Plus, you’re relatively young and you’ve got years before you need to worry about that sort of stuff.

The thing is, you haven’t. Studies show that taking care of your body now is an excellent way to safeguard your health into middle age and beyond. If you drink too much, are overweight and smoke, below are the reasons you should consider a rethink.

Shorter Life Expectancy

How you take care of your wellbeing now impacts your life as a whole. Men and women who hit their eighties and nineties aren’t fortunate; for the most part, they’ve worked hard. People who don’t try and lose weight and exercise regularly will suffer from everything from high cholesterol to high blood pressure. Once you start to put pressure on the vital organs, especially the heart, it takes its toll in the future. The keys to living longer are to get outside and soak in vitamin D as well as workout and relieve stress. Those who fail to may not be around to enjoy their golden years.

Limited Quality Of Life

Of course, living longer is only a bonus if it’s an enjoyable experience. Nobody wants to make it to one-hundred-years-old if it hurts and they have dementia. Therefore, your quality of life is an important consideration to factor in now for the future. Dismissing your health or not treating it with enough respect will cause you to suffer from discomfort. You can beat hearing loss with Miracle-Ear yet you have to accept there is a problem first. Or, you need to find out about it and educate yourself on how to manage the problem. Only people who spot the signs of aging or go for regular checkups are eligible.

Fewer Protections

Everything can seem okay on the surface, yet there are often problems under the hood. And, it’s tricky to tell when something is very wrong or it’s a symptom of growing old because you’re not a doctor. This, of course, is the reason you need to see one regularly. Only medical professionals can evaluate your health and prevent issues from escalating. By valuing your wellbeing, there are more options on the table should something go wrong.

Weak Mental Health

Never underestimate the impact of your physical health on your mental state. Letting yourself go as it’s commonly known is a burden on your confidence levels. Being overweight means you don’t adhere to typical beauty standards and it may make you feel self-conscious. As soon as this happens, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility to fall into depression and suffer from mental health issues. Taking your health seriously means you’ll look good and that results in feeling good too.

After all, exercising and eating healthily leads to a better quality of rest and the production of hormones that boost your mood. 

  • steveark says:

    I credit staying in good shape for much of my business and financial success. I consistently ran 1000 miles a year since my thirties and now still run three times a week with my wife in our sixties. We also play competitive tennis, hike and do other high energy pastimes. It amazes me how some people my age can barely get off the couch while we are running with people in their thirties and holding our own with high school and college tennis players on the court. Being fit let me work a crazy high stress job with a low stress attitude. Running marathons taught me to function while in pain or exhaustion which carried me through some long work days. Now retired my wife and I hike all over the country and the world sometimes passing gassed millennials on the trails. Whether we are tackling a 14,000 plus foot peak or downhill skiing we are having fun together! An active life is a happy one!
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