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The Signs Of An Honest Mechanic

  • March 18, 2019

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The Signs Of An Honest Mechanic

Any car owner will know how difficult it can be to find a mechanic who they can trust completely with their vehicle. There are a lot of dishonest and unreliable mechanics out there who will try to fleece their customers for all they can. They often charge well over the going price for any repairs and fixes, and could end up making as much work as possible even when very little needs doing to the auto. As a result, the owner ends up with a huge bill for repairs and new parts that weren’t really needed in the first place.

So, there is no wonder that a lot of drivers fret when they need to find a new mechanic. They might worry that they are going to end up with someone who tries to con them out of a lot of cash. Thankfully, though, there are more honest mechanics out there than the dishonest ones. You just need to be on your guard when you are chatting to a new one to make sure that you notice any warning signs. To help you find a trustworthy mechanic who won’t overcharge you for any work on your car, here are some of the signs that you need to look out for. These are the signs of an honest mechanic.

They Are Always Busy

An honest and reliable mechanic will always be busy because they will have a lot of customers. If everyone knows that this mechanic is the best in the surrounding area, then they will always try to get their car booked in with them rather than anyone else. So, there’s no wonder that an honest mechanic is going to always be busy. Generally speaking, most popular car mechanics will be booked up at least a month in advance, so you might need to book your car in with them well in advance.

You Find Good Online Reviews

Before you do decide which mechanic to use, you should take a look online for some reviews. There are now lots of websites that give customers the chance to review businesses and companies that they use for various services, and you’ll find that there are lots of sites dedicated to reviews of mechanics. Of course, all of the best mechanics will have nothing but positive reviews. You just need to make sure that the reviews aren’t fake - some companies create fake profiles and pretend to be reviewers to leave lots of positive reviews. If any of the reviews are oddly written or all seem to say the same thing, then there is a chance that they might have been faked. Another sign that the reviews have been fakes is if they were all published at around the same time.

They Tell You If They Can’t Do A Job

A bad mechanic will try to get your business no matter what. For instance, they might tell you that they can fit your car in when they don’t actually have any availability. They might also tell you that they have the skills to do a job when, in actual fact, they don’t really have the right kind of knowledge or experience to do a good job. So, don’t be disheartened if a mechanic tells you that they don’t have time to fit your car in or just don’t have the right kind of skills to carry out the specific kind of maintenance your cars need. Thankfully, though, most will be able to refer you to another reliable mechanic who will have more time or a better match of skills for your car. They might send you to if you need a tire specialist, for example. You might be annoyed at being sent elsewhere, but at least this mechanic isn’t going to rip you off by doing a bad job just for the sake of being paid!

They Offer You A Consultation For Free

If there is something wrong with your car, but you aren’t exactly sure that is up with it, it’s important that you take it to a mechanic so they can take a quick look at it. You just need to tell them about any problems that you might have noticed when you have been driving it. This initial consultation should always be completely free. Once the mechanic has had a look at the car, they will then be able to give you an overall quote for the repairs needed to fix things. If a mechanic does try to charge you for their initial consultation, that should come as a warning sign. It shows that they will do anything for money, even something that most other mechanics would offer their customers for free.

You See Lots Of Certificates And Qualifications In Their Office

You’ll probably be invited into the mechanic’s office at his garage to discuss the quote and work that needs doing to the car. Any mechanic worth his or her salt will have a few certificates framed on the wall. These will show their qualifications and affiliations to certain mechanical associations. The more qualifications a mechanic has, then the more skills and knowledge they will have when it comes to cars. You can be sure that your vehicle is in very good hands with them! It’s also worth checking that the mechanic has some affiliations as well. When they are affiliated with a mechanical association, they then have various extra regulations that they need to adhere to. These are usually in the customer’s benefit as the regulations ensure that the mechanic always carries out a good job to a very high standard.

Their Quote Is About The Average

It’s worth doing your research before you get any quotes for the work that needs doing to your car. This will then give you an idea of the average price that mechanics will charge you for the specific fix or maintenance that needs doing. Then, once you do visit a mechanic and get a quote of them, you will have a good idea as to whether it is about the average what you would expect to be charged. If it is a lot higher, then there could be a chance that the mechanic you have gone to is trying to rip you off. It might also be a good idea to ask any friends or family who have had similar work done to their car about how much they had to pay. This is another way to find out what you should expect to spend on the work that needs doing.

They Explain Everything To You In Layman’s Terms

If you aren’t a mechanic then some of the terms used when discussing car repairs could be very confusing, like the ones at In fact, some dishonest mechanics use this to their advantage. They might try to bamboozle potential customers with some really confusing lingo. Not only will the customer be slightly embarrassed to ask what it all means, but all of the difficult terms might convince them that something serious is wrong with their car, which could result in them accepting the bad mechanic’s overpriced quote. A trustworthy mechanic will explain everything very clearly and honestly so that you understand exactly what needs doing to your car and so that you completely understand what you are paying for.

They Tell You About Any Potential Issues Up Front

Sometimes, work on a car can end up being a bigger job than what the mechanic initially thought. This will happen to any mechanic; it’s not a sign that they don’t know what they are doing. They might run into some issues or the state of the car might turn out to be a lot worse than what they had first expected. Thankfully, though, any decent mechanic will tell you about any potential problems before they get started. That way, you will understand if your final bill turns out to be slightly higher than the price quoted to you originally. A dishonest mechanic won’t be so upfront with these problems, though, and they might not actually tell you that they encountered them. They will simply give you an increased bill at the end of the work without any explanation.

They Never Bully You

A good mechanic won’t ever bully you into doing something to your car that you aren’t completely sure about. If you decide not to have a certain job done, then they won’t try to make you change your mind. However, a dishonest mechanic might try to be more persuasive. If you feel like you are being pressured into doing something that you don’t really want to, it’s best to try to find a better mechanic.

They Admit To Their Mistakes

We all make mistakes. Even the best mechanic will make some errors of judgement when working on a car. If they are completely trustworthy, they will admit to these and correct them for you. However, a dishonest mechanic won’t be so likely to admit what has happened and could cover the problems up.

Hopefully, you never meet a dishonest mechanic!