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3 Vitamins That You Need For Healthy Living

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things you need for healthy living

Let's face it -- we are all sufficiently lacking in the essential nutrients nowadays. With the amount of processed foods readily available to us, the temptation to go to the supermarket and pick up a microwave meal overrides everything else now.

And, it's thoroughly understandable. It's easier to do and we don't have to think about it, meaning we can focus on the things in life that actually matter.

So, even though we are supposedly eating better and living longer, diabetes is at an all-time high, and the rates of cancer have increased gradually over the years, and our lifestyles are getting worse.

So, what is the solution for us to help maintain a healthy diet in spite of these circumstances?

The answer lies in your bathroom cabinet. Supplements are something that people can rely too heavily upon, but if you pick the right ones, you can see an improvement to your overall health, so let's have a look at what supplements you should have.


This is a mineral that your body uses for a lot of the daily functions. Magnesium can help you to relax so you can sleep better, but it is also used for things like your metabolism, as well as your energy cells. You can have a diet rich in leafy greens, nuts and seeds, as well as dark chocolate, but a magnesium supplement is a simpler way to get the nutrients into your body. There are supplements like AlgaeCal that has a natural mineral extraction, but it's also important to make sure you check out the AlgaeCal reviews on Amazon to see if it will benefit you sufficiently. Some people use the wrong supplements for their own specific ailments. Magnesium is something that needs to be replenished on a daily basis, and you can do this through diet, but a supplement will help also.

Vitamin D

They don't call it the sunshine vitamin for nothing! If you don't have enough vitamin D in your body, you can't improve your heart health, build sufficient bone, as well as experience an overall mental wellness. In fact, a lot of common ailments have been argued to be because of a lack of vitamin D. It can help you prevent colds, as well as fight infection if you already have one. But you need to make sure you are taking enough vitamin D for your body weight, the general consensus is that you take 1000 IU per 25 lbs. of body weight.


The western diet is rich in omega 6, so the lack of omega-3 in our diets needs to be counterbalanced. You can take a fish oil supplement, or you can have a lot more fish in your diet. Fish oil supplements help to increase the omega-3 ratio in your body, which should be approximately 4 to 1 in favor of omega 6. But, because the modern diet is full of processed foods, the ratio tends to be 15 to 1! As a result, inflammation and disease can be at an all-time high. By taking an adequate fish oil supplement, you are helping to reduce this.

These three supplements should take pride of place in your bathroom cabinet. But remember, supplements aren't ever intended to be a cure-all. Make sure you have supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet!

  • Big fan of vitamin D3. Only supplement that I have taken consistently for several years.

    I haven’t done much research on magnesium. Looks like I need to though. What is the proper dosage for most people?

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