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5 Ways to Make Training for Your First 5K Not Suck

  • August 16, 2017

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training for your first 5kLook, I think it's great that you're training for your first 5K. However, if you haven't run a mile since high school -- or never run period -- it's not as simple as jumping off the couch and hitting the road.

Well, it is in theory. But, there's much more involved to prepare you before you line up on race day.

Running isn't something you just go and do on a whim. It takes dedication. So, if you're not up for missing a football game or the latest episode of The Bachelor, then forget it. You might as well stay on the couch.

That said, if you're ready to put the damn video game controller down, let's get started. Below, I outlined basic, but necessary steps to get you from thinking about being a runner -- to actually getting that finisher's medal around your neck.

The hard work begins now. So, stop reading if you're too scared.

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Here's how not to suck at training for your first 5K race

1. Commit yourself.

Make it part of your daily routine, so you don't suddenly forget you made the commitment.

2. Book it.

Actually pick a race, put it on the calendar, set phone reminders, and tell people. This way, you're accountable -- and you will be constantly reminded that you're lazy if you skip a training run!

3. Shoes are everything.

You must have the right gear! Please under no circumstances decide it's a good idea to wear the shoes you mow the lawn in or that you've walked around in for 10 years. Do your body a favor and get new shoes -- and the right shoes for you.

4. Eat and drink properly.

You should drop some pounds training for your first 5K. If you're not, you're doing something wrong. Make sure you're eating healthy meals like chicken and veggies. You should also be drinking plenty of water throughout the day and not just on your runs.

5. Have people supporting you on race day.

Get a cheering section for the big day. Don't go it alone. You put a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice to even make it to the starting line. Make sure you have somebody to celebrate with after you cross the finish line.

Now, get training for your first 5K -- and don't screw it up!

That wasn't so bad, was it? As I said, simple things. Many of them you probably already know.

Let's be honest, though, how often do we do the "simple things we all know?" Rather than master the basics, we skip over them and think "we got this."

News flash: you don't got it. Even the Karate Kid had to "wax on, wax off" before he could kick that tall blonde kid (name?) in the nose.

Now, get out there, blast "Eye of the Tiger" (you know you want to), and run like the dickens. Or don't. I don't really care.

It's your life. You can choose to be a person that's doer or one who regrets what they wished they could've done.

Chances are, if you clicked on this post, you're a doer. Well, go do it. Go run, prove the naysayers wrong, and accomplish something that no jackass can ever take away from you.

I dare you.

Are you training for your first 5K? How's it going so far? Tell us about it in the comments. Please share this article on Facebook and Pinterest.