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6 Ways To Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff

  • December 12, 2017

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I have a great contributed post for you today on clearing out unwanted stuff -- and going from trash to treasure! It's for informational purposes only, so please consult a professional before making any money decisions and assessing the value of your items. Got it?

trash to treasure

Everyone’s household gets to the stage where it needs a good clear out. You have drawers bulging with miscellaneous knick knacks and cupboards piled high with unspecified objects. You really need to have a home detox before your friends and family come round to visit.

So where do you begin when it comes to tidying up the house? I bet you didn’t realize that there are infinite amounts of treasures hidden amongst your clobber. Not only can you have a major clear up, but you can make yourself a bit of extra money in the process. There are so many of your ancient possessions that would be worth selling or trading in.

Here are a few pointers on where to start when trying to turn your trash into treasure.

Clear Out Your Clothing

You know you have a mound of clothes, shoes and coats that you haven’t worn in ages. There are many ways in which you can make space in your cupboards and drawers and find a little extra cash in your pocket. There are several high street shops which offer shopping vouchers for bags of old clothes.

Check your local shops and see what the rules and regulations are, but many will offer you a voucher to spend in store if you bring in a carrier bag full of good-condition, wearable clothing. This is a good way to get rid of some of the items you might not wear again, but are still in a decent state. You could try doing this once a month and let the vouchers save up for a big spree when you’ve accumulated enough.

If you have a little more time on your hands and feel that some of your clothes are worth a little bit more, then you could start up an online shop. Sell each individual item for a fair price and you’re takings will soon add up. It only costs a small fee to post things like this online, so make a start now and earn a fortune from your old garments.

Trade in Your Trinkets

Another creditable item you can sell online is jewelery or any silver or gold trinkets you may have lying around. Use this gold and silver widget to create a price for your precious metals and pop it straight onto your website. The amazing thing about selling precious metals is that they can often be bought quite cheaply and then sold on for something much more expensive. You might have hundreds or thousands of pounds lying in your jewelery box without even knowing, so it’s worth getting an estimate as soon as you can.

Social Media Selling

You might find yourself wanting to sell some furniture or larger household items which you might struggle to shift without forking out for a skip or removal service. There are several apps or even social media platforms which you can advertise your old fixtures and fittings. Most of these apps have the option to select your local area, so that people who live close by can come and pick-up your item as soon as they want it.

This is a really handy tool if you want to get rid of something quite quickly. You can set a decent price for larger items like sofas or tables so if you have a lot of furniture hanging about in your garage or loft, it might be worth cleaning it up in order to make some money from it!

Gadget Giveaways

If you have recently upgraded your mobile phone, iPad or tablet you most probably have your old gadget shoved into a drawer somewhere. You probably don’t realize that you might be losing out on hundreds of dollars.

There are many online trade-in companies which will offer you cash for your previous phone or gadget. Use a comparison website to find the best deal and send off your devices as soon as you can. It is usually a pretty instantaneous service, as long as you provide an accurate description of the condition of your phone. They will reduce your quote if you have scratches or cracks on the screen or casing, so you could look into getting those fixed before sending it off. Work out the differences in all the costs and you’ll soon have made a lovely bit of dosh.  

Goodbye Games

Stacks and stacks of games, DVDs and CDs. We all have them stuffed into the corner of a room, or piled up in the cupboard under the stairs. But in the new age of digital technology, do we really need to have these hard copies anymore?

Digital downloads are the new fashionable and economic way of obtaining films, music and games.  There are companies out there that will come and collect your boxes of CDs for free and they’ll give you cash in return. They will be quite cheap when you look at each individual item, but it will all stack up if you have box loads to get rid of.

If you get rid of this unused entertainment gear, you will be left with a spectacularly spacious cupboard and you’ll have some money to show for it.

Garage Sales

Nothing beats waking up at 5 am and heading to a local car boot or garage sale. If you have any knick-knacks left lying around which you’re struggling to shift, it’s a great way to clear the clutter.

Not all of your belongings will sell on a website or be worth hundreds of pounds at the gadget shop. Sometimes it’s great to go old fashioned and sell your stuff to your neighbors and local communities. You will make some little children over the moon with some tattered teddy bears and your dusty ornaments will be an old lady’s new treasure for her mantelpiece. Even if you think some of your possessions are worthless, they are bound to make somebody else very happy.                     

So whatever you have lying around make an effort to organize them altogether and let them all make a little money for you in their own special way.

6 Ways To Make Money Selling Your Old Stuff