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Used As Good As New: The 3 Best Things About A Used Car

  • February 15, 2019

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Cars are kind of like smartphones these days because there seems to be a new model being launched every couple of years. This is great for new car buyers as they have options to buy into the new class of car with better technology, safety gadgets and better fuel economy. Manufacturers now also provide a lot of options for those that want them in their various models.

Different types of engines, seating, interiors, tires, brakes and technology. What this does for the market is allow more freedom for the buyers to choose what kind of vehicle they want. Therefore compromise is not really that big of an issue as you can quite literally mix and match your car to your exact tastes. Perhaps the people who benefit most from this continual improvement in models is used car hunters. Much like in any product line, if the older model is usurped by newer models in performance then those models will have to become cheaper. It's quite a simple concept with added intentional market attractions. Nowadays used cars aren’t really old, because modern models age so well. Contemporary manufacturing and indeed design practices have made this come true; and used doesn’t have to be worn out either.

Contemporary designs age well

Modern car design has changed in a number of ways that make cars that are even just 5 years old still look relevant. The manufacturers of the best cars have known for a while that fuel economy isn’t just about the design of their engines. Aerodynamics plays a massive role in allowing cars to shave off that extra digit from their miles per gallon performance. Modern cars now have lines that are aiding this approach by being smoother, sharper and flowing lines from the front bumper to the rear brake lights. From your small family hatchback, to your sports cars, aerodynamics have become so much more advanced. It isn’t just to aid smooth airflow over the car either, but to help cool the car too. Various designs have been created to support radiators and brakes cool off while driving while not inducing extra drag.

The contemporary car truly is a piece of engineering art which allows them to age well in the market. Cars like the Ford Focus have evolved from being a rather blocky looking car to something that incorporates smooth yet aggressive lines. The styling of cars like Subaru Impreza allows the car to look great as hatchback or a medium sized sedan. The side of the body carries the length of the car with much more grace than ever before. Again, this also aids in airflow but keeps the car looking fresh.

Taking a chunk out

Since the market is flush with new vehicles and models, this creates a great used cars market also. Honda is particularly known for used cars that are reliable and are in keeping with the fresh modern styling. You can get a 2018 Civic Type-R for around $52,000 making it one of the cheapest in its class. Yet the Type-R is consistently seen as the benchmark for sporting hatchbacks. Most of these used cars have just done around 10,000 miles also making them an even more attractive purchase. The family sedan is also featured in this line up as the Honda Accord is still going strong and loved by many growing and established families around the world. You have space for five people along with even more trunk space than previous models.You can visit Specialist Vehicles to see more quality used cars. 


Technology that ages well

Cars that are just 5 years old may have been usurped by newer models that have improved technology, but don’t count them out. The thing is, manufacturers are using the same software just with upgrades and better performance. This allows cars that are half a decade old and sometimes even older to receive updates from the manufacturers. The dashboard computer that most cars now have has all kinds of uses. The inbuilt sat-nav is probably the most useful, but other things like news and weather updates, notebook, car mechanics, traffic updates and more all can get updates from the manufacturer. Things like improving the speed of the loading can be helped by improving the various programs. However stylistic options for color schemes and icons can also be added to greatly help you better identify what you’re looking at while on the move.

The interior technology is just the half of it, even things like headlight lamps that swerve into the corner can be improved with increased timing, reaction and detection. Cars may also get updates for their computer chip, helping the engine to become even more efficient in fuel management. Older models of cars can also receive newer tire designs from the manufacturer themselves which can also aid in comfort, durability for long trips, improved handling in adverse weather and also fuel efficiency. Don’t write off an older model just because it's not brand new, contemporary cars have become much more affordable but keep their worth for car owners a lot longer than you might think.

Used cars are absolutely nothing to put your nose up at anymore. Once upon a time you may have felt like you just had to settle for something that was going to depreciate rapidly or become obsolete. However, contemporary models are still looking fresh and relevant, with their technology still being updated and yet the price is becoming more and more affordable. Certain manufacturers even have their own used car showrooms as some newer models that have been swapped for an upgrade still haven’t been used much at all. They keep their value and performance high and still have reasonable prices.