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What Are Some Fun Ways To Make Money?

  • August 23, 2019

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Fun Ways To Make Money

There are a lot of ways in which you can supplement your income, but how many can be said to be fun?

Yes, in fact, there are fun ways to make money!

If you’re going to spend your time doing something, then sure, the financial component might be enough of a motivator, but it would be better if could also enjoy yourself as you top up your bank balance, too.

And good news: work, or making an income rather, doesn’t always have to be strenuous or soul destroying. It can be exciting and rewarding, even without the profit factor. We take a look at some fun ways to boost your income below. 

Get Crafty

There’s a chance that people are growing tired of those mass-produced goods. When you walk into someone’s home, you invariably see the same items, bought from the same store. They might look good on their own, but the edge is kind of taken off when you have so many other people with the same item in their homes.

As such, people are beginning to look at sites like Etsy and craft markets for handmade goods. If you’re pretty good with your hands, then take a look at some of the more popular handcrafted items, and make your own. You’ll enjoy the process of creation, and also of bringing joy to other people. 

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Saturday Bake Sales

No matter where you live, you’ll find that there’s a farmer’s type market taking place somewhere near to you at the weekends. But you don’t need to necessarily be a farmer to sell at these events (well, some of them, anyway): you can be a baker. People will always love sweet goods, and it’s not like you need to be a professional baker to whip up something special. Bake cupcakes and other delicious items, and then head to the market to sell. It’s a fine way to spend a Saturday morning, selling baked goods to passersby. 

Your Passion

They say that you should turn your passion into a career, but the truth is that this is pretty difficult. It’s hard to earn a full-time income, and in any case, might knowing that you have to earn a full salary compromise your enjoyment? Instead of making it your full-time job, use your passion to earn a small side income.

If you’re a sports fan, for instance, you can use football betting stats to try and make a small profit on games. If you play an instrument, you could offer lessons a few times a week.

You’re going to be involved in your passions anyway, so you make as well make some cash from it. That can be a really fun way to make money.

Bona Fide Enjoyable Jobs

Finally, why many people scoff at the idea of a part-time job, especially when they’re working forty hours a week already, there are some jobs that you might just want to consider. Take dog walking, for instance. This is the process of, you know, taking a lovable pet for a walk, and getting money in exchange. What’s not to love? If you have a few hours to spare, try it.