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Which Car Modifications Are Actually Worth The Money?

  • August 30, 2019

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Car Modifications

Modifying your car can be the start of a very slippery slope if you aren’t careful. It’s easy to get carried away and start spending massive amounts of money on tuning your car and making additions to improve the performance or even just to make it look better. But owning a car is already expensive and putting all of that extra money into it might not be worth it. Some modifications will improve the performance and they’re worth spending money on, but a lot of them don’t really do anything to improve the driving experience so they’re just a waste of money. These are the car modifications that are actually worth spending money on. 

Catalytic Converters 

One of the biggest problems with the factory parts on cars is that the catalytic converter restricts air flow out of the engine. In a new car, this doesn’t make too much difference but it does make it easier for the converter to become clogged and when that happens, it will put more strain on the engine and can cause you to stall more often. But if you replace it with a high flow catalytic converter, you reduce that strain and improve performance. It can be a good way to spend less on your car because you take better care of the engine and reduce the chances of breakdowns. However, you do need to check local laws because there are certain states that prohibit the use of aftermarket catalytic converters. 

Cold Air Intake 

A cold air intake draws more cool air into the engine, which increases the oxygen levels and improves combustion, which should have a positive impact on performance. But there is a lot of disagreement about whether they’re worth the money or not. If you’re trying to debate whether or not a CAI is worth the money or not, you need to consider the other modifications that you’re making to the car. On its own, a cold air intake will not make noticeable improvements to the speed of your car. But when combined with other modifications, it can make a difference. So, if you’re already making other changes, it’s worth doing, but don’t expect to install a cold air intake and see a big improvement in performance without doing other work on the car. 

Fuel Pumps 

Fuel pumps are problematic in a lot of cars, but people don’t always think to replace them. You might have problems with clogged filters or the fuel pump may just be too weak. A bad fuel pump will restrict fuel flow and can lead to poor fuel efficiency, which is costing you money. It also increases the likelihood of misfires as well. If your car has a weak fuel pump, replacing it is definitely worth it and you should see a significant improvement. However, poor fuel delivery isn’t always caused by a bad fuel pump, it could also be an issue with the inline fuel filters. It’s best to check the fuel filters before you replace the pump because you may end up with the same problem. 

If you want to modify your car to improve performance, these are the best ways to spend your money.