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Why It Can Be Good To Complain

  • April 30, 2020

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Why It Can Be Good To Complain

Sometimes complaining can have its benefits. It’s not nice to be on the receiving end of complaints, especially if it’s not your fault. However, there are sometimes occasions where you are rightfully in your place to complain about something. Here’s why it can be good to complain.

Sometimes It’s Important To Vent

Being able to vent is like crying. It’s an emotion that you need to get out like any other emotion because if you bottle it up, then you will likely feel worse, and you’ll end up reaching a boiling point. When it comes to complaining, it’s the ultimate satisfaction of venting. You’re directing your frustrations at an individual, whether they’re at fault or not. As long as you aren’t being nasty or aggressive, then venting can be a great way to help get that emotion out of you. It’s not something you want to have brewing away because then it puts a whole dampener on your day. So if you want to let it out, then let it out.

You Might Well Be In The Right

We’re not always in the right, and that goes for the saying about customers are always right’ because the truth is, they’re not. What they do deserve though, is a fair assessment of the situation they’re in. And when it comes to disputes you might be having with your utility providers or whether motorcycle road rashes you got from an injury can be claimed for compensation, complaining can certainly make a difference. Sometimes we stop complaining because we don’t want to be portrayed as being the bad person. However, when you’re in the right, then you want to make the effort because it might reward you in some way.

Complaining Can Get Things Done

As much as complaining can feel like you’re being the bad person, it does get things done. For example, you might be in your workplace and feel as though you’re being treated with disrespect, or there’s a general issue within your team that needs to be aired out. Complaining about it to a manager could give them the evidence or perseverance they need to do something about it. Complaining can help speed up processes where they might be taking advantage of the time they have available. Again, it’s something not everyone enjoys doing, but it can certainly help to do it.

Validation Certainly Feels Good

There’s nothing quite like having your thoughts or concerns validated by the person you’re complaining to. That’s something that can certainly help you feel better, and being validated is a joy to have sometimes in your life. As much as it can be hard to do, it’s nice to have your thoughts acknowledged and agreed with, and that can be said about with a lot of interactions that we have in life.

Complaining is a good thing, and it’s one that some of us definitely need to do more of. When we complain, we usually help these problems from occurring again and to others too!