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5 Amazing Careers To Consider In The World Of Finance

  • May 3, 2018

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Looking for a career in finance? Today's contributed post discusses 5 amazing careers to consider in the world of finance. #5 is one I always thought was cool. Let us know your thoughts!


Working in finance means you are working in one of the most exciting industries. Money changes on a minute by minute basis, there are thousands of currencies and hundreds of ways to trade them. There is even the exciting use of cryptocurrency too. Careers in finance are also very varied, here is a list of some super cool ones that might take your interest.


In the movies, it looks like a fast-paced environment, high powered and high stress. Wall Street is the place to be, and slick suits are the uniform of choice. However, while that isn’t too far from the truth, there are so many other layers in which you can operate. A few examples are mergers and acquisitions, a trading desk, stocks, and bonds. Unsure of what’s best for you and what might be a good fit? It may be useful to start by reviewing the Wall Street Prep investment banking career guide to see if this is the path and direction you want to take, or if you prefer something a bit less stressful and intense as it relates to investments.

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Financial Planner

Helping companies and individuals plan their financial futures. You get to sit and review previous financial decisions, look at where money can be better spent and invested. Usually, a financial planner who is with the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation is the most in demand.


Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, and most companies and individuals need some direction as to what coverages they need to purchase to protect themselves from losses. This is about understanding risks and data.

Law Firm

There are a lot of opportunities to get a great job in a big corporate law firm, a personal injury attorney firm, or perhaps a boutique firm. There are a few fantastic options, a legal cashier, finance systems analyst, legal biller, and management accountant. That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is possible in the legal industry.

Hedge Funds

Largely unregulated private investments, where managers buy or sell a large variety of financial products and assets. There is a lot of unknown when it comes to precisely what hedge fund managers do and how they do it so; it can be seen as pretty glamorous. There are few notable jobs within hedge funds – trader, quantitative analyst, marketing manager, portfolio manager and regulatory compliance officer.

The great thing about looking for financial jobs is that every company will need some type of qualified finance person. It could be giving advice, or it might be making the investments – either way you will become an integral part of the company infrastructure.

Choosing the right career path for you will depend on what type of finance you are interested in, and also what type of finance you are particularly strong in. Ensuring you are highly qualified, and registered with the correct governing bodies will be very helpful in your career. Each of the above professional paths has very different working environments, and it is worth putting in research into everything that is available to you.

For example, if you enjoy balancing books and crunching numbers, Accountancy might be more up your street, but if you are strong in people skills and excellent with forecasting growth, then financial planning might suit you better. The good news is, that no matter which route you choose it is varied every day due to the complex nature of money.