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8 Unusual Ways to Make Money

  • August 19, 2021

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8 Unusual Ways to Make Money

Interested in some unusual ways to make money?

For those noticing their disposable income decline slowly over the past few years, you’re not alone. Across Australia, income growth has stalled in almost all industries, with some even experiencing declines. As a result, there are now thousands of Australians looking for new ways to make money - that don’t involve working a casual job on top of their 9 to 5.

We’re here with a great list of unusual ways to make money like Daily Prosper that might make paying your rent, loan or phone bill just that little bit more manageable. Take a look below.

Sell Your Best Photos

There is a myriad of stock photo sites out there, so take a look through all of your photos from holidays, even the completely mundane ones and consider posting them to stock photo sites. You might find that you have a winner that could create a small source of income on the side.

Be sure to do some quick editing to make sure your photos are up to par with all of the others on the platform though.

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Turn Your Craft Hobby into a Job

If you’re good at creating jewels, clothing, souvenirs or just about anything else that’s small enough to ship, then consider selling it! Head over to websites like Etsy for some inspiration and work on building out a store with all of your creations.

This is a particularly great option for knitters, tie-dyers and phone case creators.

Offer Your Professional Skills Online

The internet is a big place. More than 4 billion of us jump online every day, and that means opportunity. If you’re a professional in business, a creative person or even a consultant or psychologist then you have a job waiting for you.

Place a few ads, or link up with freelancer platforms like Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr and list your services. You can choose the times you work, the rate you charge and more. It’s a surefire way to earn some extra cash.

Use an EasyShed to Rent on Spacer

For those with larger backyards, consider purchasing an EasyShed and then listing it on space sharing websites like Spacer. All you need to do is build your shed, or have someone else build it for you, then list the space for rent.

Potential renters on the platform from all over your city will be notified by Spacer and will be able to pay you to store their belongings in your shed. It’s the ultimate passive income earner.

Rent Our Your Evening-wear

We all have those suits, dresses and other expensive outfits that we almost never wear, but simply can’t sell. Make these items work for you by renting them out on The Volte.

You’ll be able to rent out your outfits for a fixed price for a fixed timeframe. This way you’re making money from clothing pieces that other people don’t want to spend too much on, but still might need for events like weddings, business dinners and more.

Walk or Pet-sit Pets

There’s quite literally nothing better than spending time with happy, cuddly dogs, and on websites like PetCloud or Mad Paws, you’re able to spend some time with people’s furry friends and get paid to do so! All you’ll need to do is make an account on the platform and choose the types of jobs you’d like to do. You can select your own working hours, rates and more so everything is entirely up to you.

Do Gig Work for an App

It’s time for the stigma around apps to go. The app economy is absolutely massive and injecting billions into the global economy, so why not take advantage?

Consider working for companies like  Deliveroo, Uber and even UberEats. These aren’t going to be too strenuous of roles and can be weaved into the average person’s lifestyle easily enough for you to make some extra money.

Become an Online Coach

This is for those of us who are professionals in our field and feel comfortable directing others in their careers. Spend a few hours to launch a website and build out from there. You’ll be able to find clients on social media and other professional platforms.

The best part is that websites specifically exist for linking coaches with potential clients. Take a look at and for your first clients and expand from there.