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Calling in the Cavalry: Essential Qualities of BPO Providers

  • March 30, 2020

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Preparing a Backup Plan: What to Look for in a BPO Provider

Work usually has peaks and lows when it comes to demand. When the peak season gets overwhelming, it might be time to get outside help. Acquire assistance in handling your workload through outsourcing and reduce your employee's stress and workload.

Not all BPO companies are equal, however. Quality of service can vary, along with their prices. The types of services that they offer will also differ based on what their equipment can handle. Determining which company to choose can be difficult, especially if you don't know what to look at.

Worry not! In this article, we'll find out what qualities to look at when deciding on a BPO provider for your company in the Philippines.

Offered Services

The first thing you should look at is the services the company provides. The more diverse, the better they are. While you might need to avail of only one or two for now, you may encounter other kinds of problems in the future.

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BPO services are divided into two categories, back office and front office. Back office services are mostly concerned with data management and analysis, such as paperwork processing. Front office services, on the other hand, are focused on customer interactions.

If you choose a company that offers various services, you will also end up reducing costs. As you start working together, you will build a rapport with the company. It will become possible to avail of price discounts and bundled services.

Working Hours

Check if the working hours of the company are in line with yours. It may seem that employing 24/7 outsources is better, but keep in mind that it might cost you more. If your working hours are the usual nine-to-five, the outsourcing company should have the same hours.

However, if you outsource customer service, you will need to have them online at all hours. 24/7 customer service support is vital in keeping customers satisfied. It helps them feel that they are prioritized and encourages them to continue coming back.


Make sure to inquire if your BPO provider has the necessary equipment to perform their services well. This will increase productivity and save time when it comes to handling tasks since they can work with the highest efficiency.

Computers are essential to perform most work, and while it needs to have high-end specs, it doesn't need to be the latest model. They will also need a fast internet connection for quick and clear communication.

They should also have a good system in place when it comes to processing calls and paperwork. Most BPO providers handle multiple companies, so they will need a system that will guide them to what needs to be done without any mixups.


While researching the company, make sure they have a good reputation in the BPO business. This can help you avoid wasting your money on poor but expensive services that might do your company more harm than good.

Once you've narrowed down your prospects, look at online customer reviews that aren't from the company's website. You can also ask around and check if any of your company partners have availed of this certain BPO company's services.

Choosing a trustworthy BPO provider is essential in making sure that your company can work productively. In the future, you might even consider partnering with them to have a reliable source of manpower to call on during times of need.