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Need Extra Money for the Family? These 5 Online Survey Sites Actually Pay!

If you're reading this, I'm earning money in some way. I was compensated with money and/or product. Thanks for helping to feed my family. I also may have a financial interest in companies named. Please see our disclosure for more information. Also, any advice provided is for informational purposes only. I'm not an accountant, lawyer, doctor, fitness expert, or nutrition specialist. So, talk to a professional before acting on anything you read, watch, or listen to below. Get your own advice and do your own research. Email me at [email protected] with questions.

You may recall that my wife became a stay-at-home for our son in 2016.  We were both on board with the idea, but it meant going down to one income.  She was a top real estate agent in our area at the time, so it was real shock to the budget.  It was one of the reasons we decided to ditch the expensive home in the expensive area.

online survey sites actually payWhile we could afford everything on my salary, we still wanted to have a little extra in the event of emergencies and to pad our savings.  To do this, we decided to start answering online surveys.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  Dave, come on, those things are not legitimate.  And you would have a point.  Some online survey companies are not legitimate.  Don't go paying somebody to take their surveys or expect to earn a full-time income filling out a couple surveys a week over your morning coffee.

No, this isn't get rich quick.  But, it is a way for a stay-at-home mother or father looking to supplement the family's income with a little extra income for a time.  It's a go-to option when you're in need of some money in a pinch.

Let's be honest, though.  Couldn't we all use an extra $100 or $200 a month?  Just an extra $100 that can be used for gifts for loved ones, a visit to the veterinarian, paying off debt, or padding the savings.  Well, that's what you get with doing some surveys.  Extra money without a ton of effort that can help with life's surprises and incidentals.  Hey, at least it offsets some costs!

What are some other reasons why you should consider doing surveys?

Your opinion counts for something.

Companies that are conducting a survey are interested in what you have to say.  They what to know more about you and your preferences because it helps them understand their target market.  In a world where everybody has an opinion, in the world of surveys, your opinion actually matters.  So, it's great to be honest.  In being honest, you're truly helping someone else in exchange for the money you receive taking the survey.  In a small way, you're contributing something.  You have to feel good about that, right?

Dave's tip: check out SurveyPolice.  It's a site that tells you about all the top-rated surveys and walks you through the basics of becoming a survey participant.  You can also read reviews of others who have taken surveys so you know what to expect!

Earn extra money.  These online survey sites actually pay!

Yes, I said it before and I'll say it again.  With surveys, you get to make some extra money.  Come on, who doesn't love extra money?  If you have nothing going on or you're standing in line, take out the phone and do a survey for 10 or 15 minutes.  Why not earn some extra spending money or saving money?

Fund your Emergency Fund Preparedness Strategy.

You know how important having an emergency fund is, right?  Well, making money from surveys is a great way to save the excess cash needed to build your Emergency Fund Preparedness Strategy?  If you do surveys consistently enough and sign up for enough sites, you can start to get an idea of how much money you will bring in each month.  Knowing this, you may put yourself in a position to avoid using your salary from your day job.  How cool would it be to have an emergency fund in place of 2 to 3 months of expenses from doing surveys in your spare time?  Pretty damn cool.  You know it!

Make extra payments on debt or mortgage.

Instead of saving the money you make with surveys, why not pay off some debt?  If you have student loans or credit card debt, use your income with surveys to pay that stuff off!  Along the same lines, you could also pay extra on the mortgage each month.  Why?  In doing so, you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars of interest down the road.  Not bad for filling out some surveys, huh?

Fund a side hustle or become your side hustle.

If you have been looking for a side hustle for some time, you certainly have found a great one with surveys.  Like anything, it will take time and effort.  You will need to learn what companies work best for you and how many you need to do each month to earn the income you want.  But, it's definitely an option for you if you want a side hustle or you want something to earn extra money to start another business.  If you need some startup capital to get another business off the group, surveys are a perfect option to start bringing in some funds.

Now that we have discussed why you should do surveys, let's learn about the survey companies.


So, we're starting this off with a BANG!  Swagbucks is pretty sweet because they go beyond just your typical survey site.  You not only earn gift cards for filling out surveys, but you can also earn gift cards for watching videos.  Plus, you get cash back and gift cards for trying special offers they have going on.  Plenty of ways to supplement even your survey income!  Not bad.  They also will randomly hand out points (called SB) for just being you (well, for you being a member).

You get $5 just for signing up with Swagbucks.  It's worth it just for that.


Here's a second option that goes beyond answering surveys only: CashCrate.  Beyond surveys, you can earn cash rewards and/or prizes for all of the following:

  • Trying new products
  • Signing up for free websites and services
  • Shopping at your favorite online retailers
  • Referring friends and family
  • Socializing, playing games, and winning contests

So, yeah, plenty of ways to earn with CashCrate.  They even have a Free Cash Guide to learn more.

Sign up with CashCrate and get started earning.


Cash money.  No points.  That's what InboxDollars offers you.  Like Swagbucks, you can earn extra money beyond just online surveys.  InboxDollars gives you opportunities to earn cash for reading emails, playing games, and signing up for offers.  Like anything in life, the more you do, the more you earn.  They reward the most active people online.  So, get reading, get playing, and get earning.

Sign up for InboxDollars right here.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great option for you if you're looking for lots of survey opportunities.  Instead of being a survey company themselves, they act more as a middleman for other survey companies.  So, you get a chance to take surveys for multiple outlets all in one place.  With Survey Junkie, 1,000 points is equal to $10.  Once you hit that 1,000 points, you can cash-out.  You can have the cash sent to a PayPal account or gift cards.  In fact, there are some surveys that even offer you 300 points!  So, it's well worth a try!

Check out Survey Junkie now.


MyPoints calls itself "Your Daily Rewards Program" and for good reason.  Basically, they are a shopping rewards program.  You can earn points in the following ways:

  • Voicing your opinion in their daily poll.  You get 1 point when you submit your vote.
  • Sharing your opinion in market research.
  • Print and redeem coupons.  You get 10 points each time and get earn 25 additional points if you do it more than 10 times per month.
  • Search the web to win points instantly.
  • Refer a friend.  Get 25 points for each buddy who signs up through your referral and get 10% of their earnings.
  • Play games.  Fund your games account for the first time and earn 50 Points plus earn up to 10 Points per dollar on future games purchases.
  • Download Score! and earn 100 Points after your first use. Never miss out out on shopping Points or coupon codes again!

You can then redeem your points by getting gift cards, cash to your PayPal account or Visa Prepaid card, travel miles, or you can donate directly to charity.

Get on it and sign up for MyPoints!

What are you waiting for?  Get started with online surveys today and make some extra money for you and the family.

Here's the deal.  Bottom line.  I've laid out some information on great survey companies for you to get started with today.  You can begin earning money today.  Money to get out of debt.  Money to save a little more each month.  Extra spending money for the next vacation.  Whatever you want it for or need it for, here's your chance.

If this is an opportunity you're even remotely interested in, don't wait.  Don't put it off.  Don't be the guy that says, "I'll do it.  I'll get to it later though."  Begin today.  Turn off Seinfeld or Office Space -- and get moving!  End rant.

Have you completed online surveys before?  If so, what companies do you use?  Do you see yourself taking advantage of this opportunity?  Tell us below.

  • Before we had kiddos my wife use to pound through surveys. I did a couple but I didn’t love doing it. I had to think too much and usually when I’m away from work I’d like to unwind my brain a bit đŸ™‚ But it’s a great way to make a couple of extra bucks!!!
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  • Michael says:

    Surveys are great for making a few extra dollars a day. I think the mistake is trying to sit down in one sitting and grind out a bunch of surveys.

    It’s best to check the sites a few times a day, and do the higher value surveys during spare time.

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